Your Entrepreneurial

Accounting Team


How Working with a

Financial Team Can Grow Your Business

You Get a Team Focused on Your Success

Most accounting firms don’t get entrepreneurs and speak a different language. We are entrepreneurs first, and have built our system to help you grow.

You’ll Look Forward, Not Backward

Too many businesses are always looking backward with their information or have no financial information at all. We provide real-time reporting and access, creating a dashboard and scoreboard for your growth.

You’ll Have Clarity in the Business

If you want to grow, you need to have an understanding of your KPIs, ROI, margins, ratios and overall profitability. Our entrepreneurial team will simplify this information so you know exactly the health of your business.

Trusted by Big Kahunas All Over the U.S.

Kahuna Accounting has been an indispensable partner to our company for years now. The level of service they provide is literally the best we’ve ever had from any vendor. We’re so happy for them to have been named Accounting Partner of the Year by Xero. Check these guys out!

– John Natoli, Pollen Brands –

Kahuna is an incredible team to work with – they’re friendly, prompt and they know their stuff! The peace of mind we get from knowing someone has our back when it comes to accounting is truly priceless.

– Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur on Fire

“Kahuna does my accounting and bookkeeping and provides me with monthly financial statements so I can see the health of my business…How awesome is that? I’d say, pretty darn awesome.”

– Josh Brown, Indy Franchise Law

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