STOP - If you are an entrepreneur growing a business...
Are You Tired of Putting So Much Effort into Business Growth and   Seeing No Improvement in Your Business' Bank Account OR Your Own Personal Bank Account?
Hey, my name is Micky Deming and over the last 4 years, I've worked with 250+ entrepreneurs to help them simplify their financials. What I've learned is that if you are like the entrepreneurs I've worked with, you have dreams.

For yourself ...
For your family...
For your community...
For your employees...
For your business...

But for most entrepreneurs, those dreams are not connected in any way to the day to day activity of the business. So you grow and hustle and work, but at the end of the year, are not any closer to those dreams.

And then repeat the cycle year after year.

The secret to changing this cycle and actually progressing toward what you want is: cash flow. A business that produces excess cash flow can distribute to owners, reward employees and invest in continued growth.

Whatever your dream or goal may be, your business needs to produce extra cash flow to get there. 

And excess cash flow doesn't happen by accident.

What we are about to share is a simple financial process to identify the key drivers of cash flow, and easily create a forward-looking model to make sure you DRIVE more cash into your business and back to yourself...
ENTREPRENEURS: It's Time to Take Control of your Business, Build a Road Map to Where You Want to Go and Purposely DRIVE results...
Let’s take a quick look at your business right now. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already had some success as an entrepreneur and you’re ready to scale and grow or simply solidify your success for the future. You’re ready to make more and to take it to the next level.


Does it feel like your financial advisors (if you have them) speak a different language? Are they giving you (and your business) what you need to grow and thrive? Do you know how your financials and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) connect to your business growth and goals? 

If the answer was no that’s OK! Most entrepreneurs have no idea what their financials mean for building wealth, building cash flow, building profitability and even creating more time for themselves. They get to the end of the month or quarter or year, look over the reports and see what happened. 

That information tells you something, but you can't do anything with it and doesn't help with leadership or architecting your goals.

Here’s the bottom line: You can’t get what you want unless you have a comprehensive, proven, easy to follow, and ultra achievable forward-looking financial model to get there.
Success is not an accident. It’s a numbers game and smart entrepreneurs can strategically DRIVE results
You started a business because you want something. The question is, how bad do you want it?

If you really want it, would you be interested in building a plan to get there?

What if you could build a model looking 6 months or one year ahead, build specifically to get you where you want to go? Personally and for the business.

Then you can proactively track how things are going, in real-time, and make adjustments and course corrections as you go.
But average entrepreneurs are stuck in the present/past, pushing for growth, moving no closer to the goal...
But whoever is helping you on the financial side, your bookkeeper or your CPA are probably not doing you any favors.

Most financial professionals aren't thinking about your goals or dreams. They are looking at numbers and are there to crunch the numbers and tell you how you did.

The result is a disconnect where you feel frustrated and confused about financials and make no connection to where you are going.

When you look forward with a predictive model, everything changes...
  • Keep cash from bleeding out of the business...
  • Seize growth opportunities...
  • Pull the 80/20 levers that will actually make an impact...
  • And a whole lot more...
Being able to Drive! your cash flow rather than letting it drive your decisions can unlock the right kind of growth for your specific company and without the headache, stress, or fear of keeping enough cash!

But how do you do this without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire top level CFO or other advisor? If you’re like me you don’t have a huge amount of accounting experience beyond being able to read simple financial statements every month (and if you’re not doing that, then there’s something else we can do to help you to unlock real growth).

That’s why Kahuna CEO Frank Lunn and I (along with the amazing team at Kahuna Accounting) worked with Philip Campbell to develop, DRIVE!, a course that will deliver quickly and automatically, all of the knowledge and skills you need to understand where the cash is going in your business and how to leverage that knowledge and power to take your business where you need it to go. 

And when you really understand and control your cash flow, then you can stop worrying about how you’re going to make payroll and start thinking about everything that got you into business in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be great if your could break down your own financial world so you can see exactly what’s been happening and better yet, what’s about to happen. And then to build a model to make what you want to happen (your dream) into your reality...

Too many entrepreneurs are ignoring the data right in front of them or just guessing. They are along for the ride, hoping for more sales, but finding out after the fact how they did.

The best entrepreneurs are in control.

They are in the Driver’s seat.

When they succeed, it’s not an accident it’s a plan.

It’s time for you to Drive your business, see where you are going and create a road map to getting there. (It’s easier than you think! We give you the structure and knowledge to get you there).

DRIVE! The Entrepreneur's 
Financial Roadmap to Success
We have created a step by step training for you to take complete control of your business and build a financial model to get what you want.

To create this, we have teamed up with Philip Campbell, a seasoned CFO who has seen everything when it comes to cash flow forecasting and the financial side of business.

Here is what's included in the training:
  •  Module 1: The 80/20 Guide to a Growth Financial Mindset 
  • Module 2: Understand Your Cash Flow 
  • Module 3: Build your Financial Model for Your Goals
  •  Module 4: DRIVE: Your 6-Month Iterative Financial Cycle
  •  Module 5: Your Data Driven Growth Plan
You will have a forward looking roadmap for your business that puts you in the driver's seat in your business
Here is a deeper look at how these modules break down:

Module 1: The 80/20 Guide to a Growth Financial Mindset
This is where you will get very clear on what you want and how to define the specific drivers that determine whether or not you get there.

It does not take a financial expert, just a few tools and thought process changes to build a financial foundation for growth.

This module will fundamentally change the way you look at your business and will empower you in all future conversations with investors, banks, CPAs and other financial advisors.

Module 2: Understand Your Cash Flow
Cash Flow is the determining factor in getting what you want. But very few entrepreneurs know what factors are affecting their cash flow.

In this session, you'll learn how to know exactly what's happening with the cash in your business, how to keep it from bleeding out and how to predict what's about to happen with the cash.

Module 3: Build Your Financial Model toward Your Goals
In this session, Philip Campbell will walk you step by step on how to build a model to look forward and forecast what you want.

You will have a forecast that you can track, key numbers to watch and the ability to see in real time how you are progressing toward your objectives.

Module 4: DRIVE: Your 6-month iterative financial cycle
Once you build your model, we'll show you how to track and cycle through your numbers to keep on track.

When you build a forecast, it's not necessarily going to be accurate, but will give you a map to follow. As you iterate and improve, you can make sure you get what you want - and if you don't, you'll know what needs to change.

Module 5: Your Data Driven Growth Plan
When you discover your financial plan for growth, you'll then need to add fuel to your growth fire. 

We are also including a training on how to build a data-driven growth plan that reduces your marketing efforts to three predictable steps you can constantly improve for maximum results.

Now, this training should easily make you thousands of dollars just from tying up places where money is bleeding out and from the peace of mind and clarity you'll get. 

But I know you are asking, "Is it worth it?"  

Well, here's the special offer we are providing in this course. Starting in July this course will be sold for $1199.

But if you are here right now, you are in luck. Because in June, we have a special early bird offer for June only.
Special Price in July, PLUS Bonuses!
For those who take action now, you'll not only get a discount on what the course will be in July, you'll also get these bonus items:

● 1 hour group CEO call with Frank Lunn ($500 Value)
● 1 hour group CFO call with Philip Campbell ($500 Value)
● Access to Kahuna clients’ only Facebook Group with Business Builder Training ($500 Value)
● Copy of Philip’s new book: Quickstart Guide to Financial Forecasting ($25 Value)

If You Take Action Now, Here's What's Included
  • Module 1: The 80/20 Guide to a Growth Financial Mindset
  • Module 2: Understand Your Cash Flow
  •  Module 3: Build Your Financial Model Toward Your Goals
  •  Module 4: DRIVE: Your 6-month Iterative financial cycle
  •  Module 5: Your Data Driven Growth Plan
  •  1 hour group CEO call with Frank Lunn 
  •  1 hour group CFO call with Philip Campbell 
  •  Access to Kahuna clients’ only Facebook Group with Business Builder Training
  •  Copy of Philip’s new book: Quickstart Guide to Financial Forecasting
  •  P.S. No Accounting Expertise Required!
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