The Challenge of Entrepreneurial Growth

As an entrepreneurial business, growth brings a whole new set of complexity and challenges.

You push and push and push to pick up some momentum, then all of a sudden you take off and think, “Ahhh! What’s going on?!”

Financially, it’s easy to feel like you are flying blind. You aren’t able to keep up with the transactions, you are always looking backward, and you aren’t really aware of what the numbers mean.

Meanwhile, you are wondering how much is falling through the cracks and wishing you could forecast and look ahead so you can feel like you can see the big picture of your business.

It makes sense because you aren’t a bookkeeper, and the operations person you hired to do it is not a professional when it comes to financials. Every business goes through this phase as they grow.



How Kahuna Helps Entrepreneurs Thrive


Save Time

You’ll change nothing in your work flow. Taking away data entry and bookkeeping allows you to focus on serving customers and building your business.

Insight Like Never Before

Kahuna will send you financial reports every month, so you can always know exactly what’s going on with the business. This will allow you to maximize opportunities and minimize waste.

Stay Connected on the Go

With mobile technology, Kahuna can collaborate and assist you from anywhere in the country. So if your office staff is on vacation or if you’re constantly on the road, we will be there and can provide the collaboration you need.


How We Help You Thrive


1. Navigator and Setup

First, we’ll get you setup in our suite of software tools for accounting. The backbone of this is Xero, the leader in cloud accounting technology.
Our team will work with you right from the start to determine your goals, where you want to go and in the meantime will build your accounting system in Xero.

2. Bookkeeping on Autopilot

Once your setup is complete, we’ll take over from there when it comes to your bookkeeping.
• We’ll reconcile your bank and credit card statements
• We’ll automate your bill pay where you only have to drop in a bill and we’ll have it ready to be paid with your approval.
• We’ll set up Key Performance Indicators and advanced reports based on your business’ specific goals
• We’ll automate your payroll with Zen Payroll so all filing is done for you and payments are sent via direct deposit
• We’ll provide quarterly CFO review to provide insight on the financials of your business

3. Our Victory Team Has Your Back

When you work with a team, you don’t have to manage us. This is what we do every day. Our mission will be to help you achieve victories, and you’ll have full access to our team.
We are built for growth through all stages of entrepreneurship, so you don’t have to worry about outgrowing us.

4. Your CPA will love us

Is your tax season normally a nightmare? For most entrepreneurs it involves a lot of back and forth, gathering documents and is an all-around miserable experience.
When you work with us all your financial reports are ready. Your CPA will be able to give proactive advice and can turn around a tax return in no time.
We are collaborative with CPA’s and will make everything as smooth and simple as we possibly can.

Kahuna is an incredible team to work with – they’re friendly, prompt and they know their stuff! The peace of mind we get from knowing someone has our back when it comes to accounting is truly priceless.

– Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur On Fire

You Are the Big Kahuna

At Kahuna Accounting, “We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve!”

What this means is, we want you to be the Big Kahuna. You are the pilot, and we are your team, committed to giving you visibility and systems for growth and impact.

Let’s Talk About Simplifying Your Bookkeeping