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3 Step approach to empower exponential entrepreneurs:


Discovery is essential!  If you are intellectually honest with yourself, you likely don’t know the truth behind your numbers.  You are not alone. Honest business owners deal with the same challenges.


Once you know where you stand right now, then you can begin to develop your plan for the future.  Multiple options will become self-evident from the Discovery step.


Once you really know where you are starting and aware of the options, DRIVE your future.  This is an active implementation of tactical pieces of your business, (including accounting) and puts you back in control.

A failing, archaic, and broken model

If you are a business and/or professional practice builder, you are being failed by an archaic and broken model of accounting. It’s simple. If your accounting doesn’t provide you with the information and insight you need to make awesome business decisions regarding the current and future success of your business or practice, then your accounting is failing you.

It’s not your fault. But now you have to make a choice. You’re at a fork in the road. You need to decide if your accounting will stay passive and backward-looking… Or be forward-focused so you can grow and scale your business or professional practice’s growth, cash flow, and profitability aligned, calibrated and coordinated to your mission, vision, goals, and ambition.

Entrepreneurial business owners are constantly frustrated by the overwhelming amount of information thrown at them from multiple sources.

Have you ever wondered why your accountant only looks at the past and doesn’t actually help achieve the future you deserve? If you’ve tried to get information to plan for this year into the future but have only had conversations about last year… then it’s time to make a change.

You deserve Dynamic Guidance Accounting™ to give you and your team the insights you need, to go from where you are to where you want to be. Dynamic Guidance Accounting™ helps you and your team make better and more profitable decisions. Dynamic Guidance Accounting™ also helps you collaborate and coordinate with your advisors, stakeholders, and others aligned with you on your entrepreneurial journey to success as you define it.

If You Want To Be Truly Successful, Profitable, and Valuable Then Every Decision You Make In Your Business or Practice– Past, Present, and Future– Should Flow Through and Be Informed By Your Accounting.

It’s no secret… Every business decision is a Growth and/or Profit decision. Accounting can be a passive reporting and compliance tool of the past OR your secret weapon to accelerate your business growth and profitability.

It’s time your business fuels your dreams. We specialize in business and practice growth with a proven process to help you make better business decisions aligned with your success, mission, and vision.

We Don’t Work With Just Anybody… We Work Exclusively With Entrepreneurial Business and Professional Practice Builders!

Kahuna Accounting was intentionally created and specifically designed to serve growth entrepreneurs and professional practice builders on their exciting (but occasionally painful) and epic adventure… the journey of entrepreneurship and success.

We love working with builders and creators — ambitious entrepreneurs converting their mission, vision, dreams, and ambition into a growing and profitable business of value and worth.

We have a long history of serving entrepreneurial business builders and professional practice builders, across all 50 states, in multiple industries and niche practice areas.

We are NOT right for everyone…

If you are more incremental than exponential in your ambition… If you’re looking to just make little changes and minor improvements to “suck a little less this year than last year”… Then we probably won’t be a great fit for you.

We work with driven and ambitious entrepreneurs — creators and builders who want to give life to their mission and vision, to give value to their clients, customers, patients, and their team.

We provide Dynamic Guidance Accounting™ resources to ensure strategic alignment and calibration to achieve the mission and vision of the entrepreneur business and/or professional practice builder, their leadership team, and their professional advisors.

If this resonates with you… if you want your accounting to be a profit driver rather than just a cost center… if you need your accounting to be a dynamic driver for your success and desired future — rather than a passive reporter of your past — we should talk. Seriously. We should talk.

Discover how Dynamic Guidance Accounting™ can leverage and drive your desired results as you navigate your future.

Business and Professional Practices We Serve

Specific experience in bookkeeping and accounting services and guidance to hundreds of entrepreneurs in the following industries:

Law Practice Entrepreneur

Lead and Grow Your Firm With Financial Clarity and Legal/Ethics Compliance

Creating a clear and compliant trust accounting system can be hard. Make it simple so you don’t get in trouble. Work together, to simplify and optimize your trust accounting process.  Ensure you have the necessary clarity you need to accelerate your goals, ambitions, and to comply with the laws and regulations.

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Make Your Investments… Worth Even More!

Whether you are investing, flipping, wholesaling, providing seller financing, etc, you need a system that invests back into you. Get crystal clear on the strategies and KPIs to optimize your property investments.

Entrepreneur Business Builders

Take Your Existing Business or Well Funded Start-Up to the Next Level

You don’t have to understand accounting in order to know what’s happening inside your business or to grow optimally. To make the most informed decisions, you need to know what your accounting reveals about your business and how to best use that information.