Frustrated about your accounting?

Most enTREPreneurs realize they’ve either not leveraged accounting correctly or have someone “helping them” that may not exactly understand accounting.  The middle of the year is a slower time of year to switch and we can coordinate this with you.  Whether you have a mess, starting a new venture, or simply hitting the reset button, we can help.

I most often identify myself as an:

Seeking the ultimate foundation of wealth?

Understanding value and the drivers in your business, can be the difference between incremental and exponential…

Discover an Accounting Team and System Built Specifically to Help Growing Businesses Achieve their Goals

As entrepreneurs, your financials are typically looking backward and presented in a format that provides little value or clarity toward your dreams and mission.

When you get a system that speaks the language of an entrepreneur and aligns with where you’re going, this is what happens:

You’ll see the business at a high level

Step out of the day and see the big picture view of the business and make better decisions

Build profitability and cash flow

The bottom line in business is profitability and cash flow. Discover where the cash is going and how to drive it!

Take control of your growth

You are not a passenger in your own business. You are the driver. Numbers give you clarity to lead.

Discover the best system for your business

What Makes Kahuna Accounting Different?

Let’s be honest. There are a TON of options for financial services out there. At Kahuna, our difference is that we are entrepreneurs at the core. Our focus is to sift through all the noise and guide you to a financial system focused on your growth and goals.

Our services are not for everyone and that’s a good thing. Our goal is not for you to be a Kahuna Accounting client but for you to grow and thrive! So we have developed an ecosystem of preferred partners, tools and training and will connect you to the best possible option.

When you fill out our discovery form, our team will take in the information and make a recommendation for you based on where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. No pressure, no sales pitch. Just a proven solution to help simplify this often confusing subject of business finance.




‘Thank you Kahuna’

It has been an absolute joy working with Kahuna! My questions are always answered in plain English. The team is knowledgeable and shared information with me about my tax situation that I did not know. My accountant actually cared about my taxes…asking me questions via email and trying different ways to get my tax bill down. They were organized and had secure portals for me to upload my documents. They prepared everything in a timely manner. I didn’t have to follow up with them to get items. They were on top of everything! They were professional and never made me feel bad about the things I did not know about taxes but took the time to explain them and answer my questions. Lastly, Kahuna delivered real results! In all of the years of running my firm, I have never received a tax refund. Yet, I received my first one while working with Kahuna! Thank you Kahuna for the excellent service!

– Audrey K. Chisholm, Attorney For Nonprofits
Orlando, Florida


‘Truly Priceless’

Kahuna is an incredible team to work with – they’re friendly, prompt and they know their stuff! The peace of mind we get from knowing someone has our back when it comes to accounting is truly priceless.

– Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur On Fire