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12 Military Principles of Success

By March 10, 2014One Comment

I came across these 12 principles of success today and was severely challenged to take a better approach in my day to day work.

If you’d like a full, in-depth explanation of each of the 12, check out Brian Tracy’s book, Victory!

But if you just want to skim through the 12 principles, I thing you’ll find a lot of value, just like I did today.

So here are the 12 Military Principles of Success, from Brian Tracy’s Book:

1. Principle of Objective – Decide what you want (clearly). Write it down, create a plan and work it every day.

2. Principle of the Offensive – Become intensely action-oriented. Take bole aggressive action.

3. Principle of the Mass – Focus determinedly on the single activities or objectives that are the most important. Don’t dilute your life with less than important activities.

4. Principle of the Maneuver – Challenge assumptions; stay adaptable to the situation and take best advantage of what is presented.

5. Principle of Intelligence – Learn all you can about yourself, business, industry, competitors, etc. Continuously grow in knowledge and wisdom.

6. Principle of Concerted Action – Learn to work well with others. Leverage talents and skills of others to help you achieve your goals. Help others.

7. Principle of Unity of Command – Become a leader. Take charge, seize initiative, be bold.

8. Principle of Simplicity – Continuously look for ways to simplify life and work. Delegate, eliminate, consolidate, outsource, discontinue activities, etc.

9. Principle of Security – Guard against losses and reversals. Insure against emergency. Treasure your most valuable people. Think about what might go wrong, and then take security action.

10. Principle of Economy – Minimize costs. Seek efficiencies and ways to get to objectives with less cost.

11. Principle of Surprise – Do the unexpected. Look for newer, faster, easier, cheaper ways to accomplish your objective. Be creative and innovative to change. Be audacious.

12. Principle of Expectation – Follow up and follow through. Become everything you are capable of becoming. When opportunities come – take full advantage.

Hope you get as much from this list as I did. Please share in the comments below, or on our Facebook page, which of these principles most stood out to you today.

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