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5 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Accounting before 2015

By December 16, 2014No Comments

Xero US President Jamie Sutherland has a great post out today sharing why small business owners should move their accounting to the cloud.

Check it out here.

All points are strong and our clients can attest to the power in moving to Xero.

Our personal favorite point made by Sutherland: is the collaborative piece, because that’s where we serve our clients.

Sutherland said:

• Collaborate from anywhere

“Traditional accounting requires a back-and-forth shuffle of paper and large electronic files between your colleagues and accountant. This is a time-consuming, version control nightmare – and by the time you’re done, the information is already out of date. On the flipside, cloud solutions allow multiple people to view the same up-to-date data and collaborate on financial reports in real time.”

If you are interested in making the switch to cloud accounting before 2015, Kahuna is making it easy to switch.

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