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7 Signs That You Need a Virtual Assistant

By August 14, 2014No Comments

The following is a guest post by Tina Marie Hilton of Clerical Advantage

In an earlier guest post I mentioned revisiting your ideas about virtual assistance, but I’m often asked the question, “When should I think about getting a virtual assistant or virtual paralegal?” You’d think it would be rather easy to determine when you need help, but that is rarely the case. Many people who have the vision and drive to open their own practice or business also tend to be ‘do it yourself’ types. And because they can do it, they often don’t recognize the fact that it might be time to get a bit of help.

Below are seven signs that you’re ready to look for a virtual assistant to help out.

1. You have no work/life balance

When the majority of your time is spent working and you spend very little time socializing, enjoying family time, etc., it is a sure sign you are in need of someone to take the a bit of the burden. Chances are, even when you do take time for yourself you end up worrying about all of the things that aren’t getting done. Imagine knowing that even when you’re spending time with family and friends or taking a vacation that things aren’t going undone. That’s the peace of mind working with a virtual assistant or virtual paralegal can give you.

2. You never get to the things you really want to accomplish

If you have a list of things you really want to do for your practice or business but never seem to be able to find time to do them, it’s a sure sign it’s time to look for a virtual assistant. Handing off some of your everyday tasks will free up some time to do the things you really want to do.

3. You’re so overloaded with work that you have no time to incorporate new things

You’ve been meaning to start a monthly newsletter for clients, follow up with new contacts or start attending networking events but never get to it. It’s time to team up with a virtual assistant. E-Newsletters and follow-up emails and letters are great tasks to delegate.

4. You have no real processes in place for dealing with things like email and information requests

Having a process for responding to email or requests for information can be a huge time saver. Virtual assistants are great at helping you create and put these processes in place using things like email filters, templates and auto-responders.

5. You’re so busy doing day to day business that you have no time to focus on growth

Your practice or business may be booming at the moment, but oftentimes you’re just a client or two away from disaster. That means you should be constantly thinking about growth and marketing. Time for a virtual assistant. They can help with both or simply take other tasks off your hands if growth and marketing are your forte.

6. You know you need to adopt new technologies like social media, but don’t know where to start

Your website is badly outdated or non-existent, you have no social media presence at all and have no clue how to start. Many virtual assistants specialize in social media assistance and can help you determine which one is a good fit for you. They can help with updates and many can even help update your website and help you with business blogging.

7. You’ve lost the passion for your business because of the day in day out drudgery

Wondering where your love for your practice or business went? It’s possible you’ve become so overwhelmed with doing business that you are no longer following your passion for your business.

The truth is, although you may not recognize just how much you need the help, once you make the decision to work with a virtual assistant the results will speak for themselves. The to-do list will get shorter and you’ll be freed to do the things you truly have passion for. Even if that’s just sitting on the beach with a good book.

Tina Marie Hilton has been providing virtual business services and WordPress services to clients since 2007 and shared her knowledge regarding successful business/virtual assistant partnerships in her eBook, The No Bullsh– Guide to Virtual Assistants for Businesses and as a faculty member at Solo Practice University.

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