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Do any of these sentences sound familiar when talking about your website?

“I don’t have a website…”

“My website is outdated…”

“I need more traffic…”

“I need more leads…”

Every business wrestles with trying to come up with a web presence that speaks the language of your customers, while representing you in an authentic and meaningful way.

But it’s hard and most legal experts are not web experts.

That’s why JurisPage exists. To simplify this process for you and answer any of those four complaints.

At Kahuna Accounting, we’re all about helping small businesses succeed, and we are thrilled to bring Andrew Cabasso on for a webinar to teach some best practices for how to improve your web presence.

Join us Wednesday October 1, and learn the most common mistakes law firms make in their website design process and how you can remedy them to create a professional and impressive web presence that attracts clients.

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