We assist entrepreneur-business owners in providing clarity through systems, strategy, and tools to understand their business.  Our team uses a host of resources to streamline the accounting process, provide business valuations and future planning. We also utilize our own unique proprietary business improvement systems, with Kahuna Dynamic Guidance System (DGS) and Kahuna Value NaVigator (KVN).

In addition, we use a proprietary enTREPreneurial methodology, Delta Framework™, for forward looking business analytics and dynamic planning. Our integrated structure utilizes other great individual systems like Grow.com, Domo, Xero, QBO and several other recognizable tools. While our tools are cool and powerful, our goal at Kahuna is to make your actionable decisions easier with more complete information.

Understand Yesterday for Better Decisions Today as Part of a Guided & Dynamic Calibration to Your Ideal Tomorrow

We provide an enTREPreneurial approach for assisting entrepreneurs & their leadership teams in proactive design, planning & building success systems for setting and achieving valuation targets.


Kahuna Business Group, Inc.

Established in 1995 as an enTREPreneurial family of Strategic Business Units (SBUs) – individual, yet connected and coordinated as an enTREPreneurial support & resource ecosystem. Everything we do is designed around our corporate purpose of:

“Learning, Living & Sharing the Journey of enTREPreneurship in Life, Business & Legacy!”

Our Value Exchange was borrowed directly from Zig Ziglar:

“We Achieve Our Victories Through the Victories of Those We Serve!”


Kahuna Accounting

Since the inception of Kahuna Business Group, accounting has always been understood to be the language of business.  Recognizing the challenges common to most entrepreneurs, Kahuna Accounting was officially launched in 2013.  True to our bold & audacious vision, Kahuna Accounting began utilizing  Xero as its primary accounting platform.  In 2016, Kahuna Accounting was recognized as the Xero North American Accounting Partner of the year.  Understanding different online applications have different strengths, Kahuna leverages numerous tools including, Xero, QBO, Gusto, Bill.com, Receipt Bank, Hubdoc, Clio, Practice Panther, MyCase, and many more.

Virtual Accounting

Kahuna Dynamic Guidance System (KDGS)

Leveraging the power of visualization for enTREPreneurs, we utilize and coordinate several online technology systems for dynamic feedback to better predict and DRIVE your vision into reality.  Combining the power of real-time data with forward looking entrepreneurial visioning tools this is a powerful guidance system for not only where you’ve been but also calibrated to help guide and direct you to exactly where you want to go.

Dynamic Guidance System

Kahuna Dynamic Value NaVigator (KVN)

Assists enTREPreneurs in understanding their current business valuation as well as understanding the high leverage drivers of value for high-impact valuation planning for future targets and objectives. We assist with business strategy for calibrating targets and time frames with an understanding of specific core business factors used to determine business valuation.  We help target the 80/20 valuation factors specific to the individual business to DRIVE maXimum improvement with minimum effort & expense in the shortest time frame.

Dynamic Value

Who Kahuna Is For:

  • Ambitious, exponential-minded entrepreneurs
  • Those who often follow their gut instincts
  • Those who care more about impact than comfort
  • Founders of businesses at $1-$10M with ambitions to massively grow

Who Kahuna Is Not For:

  • Founders wanting to play it safe
  • Business owners who need hand-holding at every turn
  • Those looking for a “magic pill” of success
  • Those who operate in a scarcity mindset instead of abundance


We’re Glad You’re Here!


Kahuna Accounting, Your Entrepreneurial Support NaVigator

We believe 99% of all accounting businesses in America were formed out of love for accounting and for the proficiency of accounting, but Kahuna Accounting was not born out of accounting love at all. Kahuna Accounting was born out of the entrepreneurial pain and ignorance from asking the wrong questions to the wrong experts.
We know we’re not the only ones that have felt the pain of not knowing what we didn’t know, not knowing what questions to ask, not knowing who to ask those questions to, and not knowing the right sequence to ask questions in.

As your entrepreneurial navigator, we want to help you “Be Your Own Big Kahuna,” by asking good clarifying questions and to help you, as the business owner, entrepreneur, or business leader take a step back and look at your business separate from yourself, to get a good handle of your business finances and potential.

If you’ve woken up in the middle of the night worried about payroll, cash flow, budgeting, or simply understanding what your next business move should be, then we want to help you!