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About Kahuna

Equipping Entrepreneurs for Exponential with Confidence!

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A lot of entrepreneurial business owners struggle to find the right next steps when they don’t see the growth they expect. The solution is surprising. With Kahuna Accounting, you’ll discover and unlock the strategic power hidden in your accounting system. You’ll be equipped to create the exponential growth you expect so you can confidently build a profitable business you’re proud of.

Who should connect with Kahuna?

  • Entrepreneurs who have reached a plateau and are frustrated
  • Those who often follow their gut instincts
  • Founders of businesses at $1-$10M with exponential ambition
  • Those who desire greater impact even at the expense of comfort
  • Founders whose appetite for the rewards of their success outweighs any fear of the risks
  • Those who operate with an abundance mindset instead of scarcity
  • Entrepreneurs who long to be fully empowered to lead and achieve greatness
  • Those with a firm grasp of reality, knowing there is not a “magic pill” for success
  • Leaders who practice respect, integrity, and gratitude

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“I left Kahuna for a cheaper option several years ago but later regretted that and came back. I wish I would have never left.”

Matt MickleMickle Law Firm

“We have been using Kahuna's services for our business for several years. They have been invaluable in saving us time and providing excellent service and support. When we hired them, our books were an absolute mess. They did a fantastic job getting our financial records in order again so that we could file our taxes on time and be confident that everything was in order. Kahuna empowered us as a business to make the decisions we needed to make. Even when the decisions are challenging, they support us in looking to the future, not just the past. We highly recommend them! ”

Andrea MercadoOnline Marketing Muscle

“It has been a pleasure to work with Kahuna Accounting for the nearly three years since I started my law firm. Kahuna is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. I'm glad I hired Kahuna Accounting to help with our firm's bookkeeping.”

Jeremy BakerBaker Law

Kahuna: Exponential within it’s Entrepreneurial Design.

It’s no secret… Every business decision is a Growth and/or Profit decision. Accounting and the data involved can be a passive reporting and compliance tool of the past OR your secret weapon to accelerate your business.

Kahuna has a massive plan for future expansion, however the following are the currently divisions we have shared publicly.

We specialize in business and practice growth with a proven process to help you make better business decisions aligned with your vision, mission, and ambition.

Currently Revealed Divisions:

Kahuna Accounting

Since the inception of Kahuna Business Group, accounting has always been understood to be the language of business. Recognizing the challenges common to most entrepreneurs, Kahuna Accounting was officially launched in 2013. True to our bold & audacious vision, Kahuna Accounting began utilizing Xero as its primary accounting platform. In 2016, Kahuna Accounting was recognized as the Xero North American Accounting Partner of the year. Understanding different online applications have different strengths, Kahuna leverages numerous tools including, Xero, QBO, Gusto,, Receipt Bank, Hubdoc, Clio, Practice Panther, MyCase, and many more.

Kahuna Dynamic Guidance System

Leveraging the power of visualization for enTREPreneurs, we utilize and coordinate several online technology systems for dynamic feedback to better predict and DRIVE your vision into reality.

Combining the power of real-time data with forward looking entrepreneurial visioning tools this is a powerful guidance system for not only where you’ve been but also calibrated to help guide and direct you to exactly where you want to go.

Kahuna Dynamic Value Navigator

Assists enTREPreneurs in understanding their current business valuation as well as understanding the high leverage drivers of value for high-impact valuation planning for future targets and objectives.

We assist with business strategy for calibrating targets and time frames with an understanding of specific core business factors used to determine business valuation. We help target the 80/20 valuation factors specific to the individual business to DRIVE maXimum improvement with minimum effort & expense in the shortest time frame.

History of Kahuna

Frank F. Lunn started this journey of what is now Kahuna Business Group, Inc. and Kahuna Accounting, LLC, in November of 1995.  This company and Frank’s experiences over the past 25+ years has been filled with numerous ups and downs, victories, and disappointments within a rich history of different flavors, varieties and combination of success, failure, learning, and adapting to survive and thrive.

Kahuna Accounting has a passion and proficiency for Entrepreneurs. We utilize accounting to serve them as they navigate their journey of entrepreneurship.  Our business focus is to organize and coordinate accounting as a business system to enhance and improve the journey of entrepreneurship and optimize the path to long-term success.

Entrepreneurship is about discovery and exploration into the unknown with multiple constantly changing variables with little that is constant and certain.  Entrepreneurship is about making educated guesses into the marketplace and then to test and adapt and change as necessary, navigating a dynamic environment with multiple new decisions and multiple new variables. The entrepreneurial environment is brutal – but it is exactly what entrepreneur business and professional practice builders signed up for. Although we may be in different industries or geographies or business type, but at the core, we ARE our clients.

We get their challenges, pains, and frustrations as well as their successes, victories, ambitions, and longer-term dreams and aspirations. Most accountants don’t get entrepreneurs or understand the entrepreneurial journey.

Accounting — as a Strategic Business System — touches as well as reflects every single part of your business or professional practice. A bookkeeping and accounting system that is aligned to match your vision, mission, goals and ambition will serve you well in order to maximize the impact you’re able to make in all aspects of life, business and legacy. That’s exponential!