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Accounting Podcast with Philip Campbell

Many times the challenge with small business accounting is that accountants speak a completely different language than entrepreneurs.

One may say debits and credits and talk about compliance and reports, while the entrepreneur is left wondering, “Is this good or bad?”

At Kahuna Accounting our mission is to help bridge that gap and make the essential financial information accessible and easy to digest.

We recently launched TREPX as a project adjacent to Kahuna Accounting to serve entrepreneurs on the journey from amateur to pro.

Of course, a major element in that growth is financial awareness and confidence. This week at TREPX, we had the pleasure of interviewing Philip Campbell on the podcast. Philip has vast experience and his greatest talent is taking complex financial information and making it simple to understand.

In this interview, Philip talks about cash flow and how talking about money doesn’t necessarily mean you are obsessed with making money.

Check out the interview with Philip and let us know what you think!

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