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Join 100 Fellow Exponential Entrepreneurs Build, Grow, Secure, and Scale Their Six To Seven Figure Business


You are Driving Profit, Revenue, Cash Flow… but you are missing ONE KEY metric that will determine everything… Value. Alpha 100 is a program designed to enlighten 100 Exponential Entrepreneurs and or Strategic Exponential Entrepreneur advisors about the value of value. Alpha 100 is designed for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.


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This Is Only For Serious Growth Entrepreneurs and Business Builders

The Clients We Work with Describe Themselves As…

  • Bold, Audacious, Fast-Paced, and Growth Centered
  • Dreams of Growing a Business Fast but Target Long-Term, Exponential Growth
  • Don’t Let Things Like “Facts” Stop Their Progress
  • Buy More Books Then They Can Ever Read
  • Are Insatiably Curious, Constantly Searching For the 80/20
  • Have Read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • Reinvest Most Of, If Not All, Business Gains Back into Their Business
  • See Their Business as a Vehicle to Achieve A Deeply Rooted Goal
  • Buy More Books Than They Will Ever Be Able to Read
  • Attend At Least One Conference a Year
  • Are a Part of a Mastermind or Have Been In The Past?

Lastly, if this sounds like you, you feel misunderstood and no one gets you, wife, kids, team… I get that because I am like you.

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“I use to think profit was all that mattered”.
-Brett Snodgrass

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As we are approaching 2020, we decided to take a deeper dive into our program and refine this new science. It works; nevertheless, it is new – we have much to learn. We created the Alpha 100 program to work with 100 like-minded XTREPs (eXponential enTREPreneurs) to both add above-average value to them while seeking some advanced feedback and candor for developing this tool for those who will follow behind them.

What’s Included?

Everything that is included in the Discovery Value NaVigator™ PLUS:

30-Minute Ask Me Anything (AMA) With Frank F. Lunn

Gain insight from an entrepreneur who has over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and the victories and defeats that come with them. He has owned several businesses and has made and lost millions in his career. Frank is the first admit he is not an accounting expert, but he is an expert in entrepreneurialism. Frank has agreed to spend 30 minutes on the phone with every participant to answer any question related to your valuation, strategy, really anything related to the journey of entrepreneurship.

Delta Pulse Check Follow Up

Between 90 to 120 days after your valuation is completed, we will do a complimentary valuation estimate to reveal and benchmark your progress. You will be able to see how your value has changed. What many find is that the true value here is what they learn about themselves and their business – through the value change is a very nice bonus.

Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

Right of first refusal for all future Kahuna Value NaVigator™ offerings.

$500 Credit For Future Kahuna Value NaVigator™ Program

When and if you are ready for more involvement and results, we are offering a $500 credit toward another Discovery Value NaVigator™ or another Kahuna Value NaVigator service.

Data-Sharing and Report

Upon our completion of the Alpha 100 program, we will release our findings from our Alpha 100 program. This will further enhance your understanding and application of value in and of your business. You will also gain benefit from seeing how the other 100 entrepreneurs used the information to be intentional in their journey of entrepreneurship.



Alpha 100Discovery Value NaVigator™

Just $ 3,750

Per Month

Initial Comprehensive Baseline Strategic Business Valuation
($1,750 Value)

  • ☑ Initial 30 Minute Discovery Calibration Call
  • ☑ Entrepreneur Questionnaire
  • ☑ 90 Minute Fact-Finder Process
  • ☑ Valuation with quickSURF™ Valuation Analysis
  • ☑ Delta Pulse Check
  • ☑ $500 Credit Off Any Future Kahuna Value NaVigator Program(s)

—————— AND ——————

Pathfinder Process™ Strategy Session ($2,000 Value)

* Initial Set-Up Fee WAIVED ($995 Value)

Total Program Value ($4,745)

  • Limited-Time, Introductory Special Offer: All for Only $3750

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Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. If you truly feel that you did not gain any knowledge about the value of your business, and will have an open conversation with us as to where we went wrong, we will provide you with a 100% refund of your investment.

Why Only 100 Entrepreneurs?

We are capping this program at 100 participants to pre-launch and refine our program before the official launch. We have been using this process for our accounting clients, and soon, we will separate the Value NaVigator Program from our accounting practice to becoming its own company. 100 is a group that is just big enough to give our management team access to adequate data, while still allowing all members access to our management team.

How Long Does This Program Last?

You can expect about one to two weeks between the time your payment is processed to when we schedule the final pathfinder strategy session to complete the first part of the program. After 90 to 120 days, we will conduct a process called the Delta Pulse Check Follow Up.

How Much Time Will I Be Required to Devote to This?

This process is designed to be ‘low impact’ on the entrepreneur’s time. It should take no more than a few hours on the client’s part to complete the process. We would like to point out, the more you put into this program, the more you will get out of it.

Will I Need to Travel?

No. All meetings will take place virtually.

Will I Interact With the Other Participants?

Hopefully. We cannot promise interactions with other members due to privacy and other concerns. However, it is our intention to have social groups and events for all participants to interact, grow, and share the journey of entrepreneurship together.

What If I have Partners/a Management Team – Will I Be Able to Involve Them in the Process?

Absolutely. We will assign one main point of contact, but the more you can involve others, the better.

Will My Advisors Have Access to My Data?

Only if you grant them permission. We recommend you involve your coaches and other advisors by sharing the information and findings with them. The information provided by our value numbers and what they mean for your business will help you receive better guidance from them as well.

Is a Discovery Value NaVigator™ a Certified Valuation?

The short answer is – no. The DISCOVERY VALUE NAVIGATOR™ is not about curating a precise valuation, but rather a very close estimate so you can calibrate and arrive at where you want to go. That said, if you need a Certified Valuation, we are able to offer that as part of our toolkit. However, the DISCOVERY VALUE NAVIGATOR™ program does not serve the same purpose as a certified valuation. It is like getting a physical, let’s take a look at your vital signs of the business and then give you the information you need to make informed decisions. If you need to see a specialist (certified valuation), we can provide that option for you. A Discovery Value NaVigator and a Certified Valuation are two separate approaches for very different purposes.

What Do You Know About My Industry?

Our perspective comes from the business of business and not any specific industry. You do not want us to know everything about your industry as some of the most exponential growth ideas come from outside. That being said, our valuation engine will provide you specific industry insight as to how you are performing compared to your peers.

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