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Branding Your Images: 1-Minute Small Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

By March 16, 2016No Comments

Today’s tip is about branding your images. By “branding your images,” I’m referring to including your business logo or possibly a hashtag to the bottom of images you create and use to go along with your blog posts, tweets on Twitter, Facebook posts, or however you incorporate images into your marketing and branding (which you need to be doing!).

If you aren’t branding your images, you’re missing opportunities to get your brand name and logo out to more of your target market. As long as you are creating this image and it’s not the work of someone else, it’s okay to brand it with your logo or hashtag. Here’s an example:

Can't Fight Innovation

Two places to create these images are and download free photo editing software called Pixlr. Brand images so each time someone shares or likes one of your posts, more people are exposed to your brand.

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