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Build Your Business Credit and Build Your Business!



Imagine having the ability to access $50,000, $100,000, even $250,000 for your business. Now imagine doing this with NO personal credit check and NO personal guarantee. Your success in business will be determined based on your business credit profile and score. With a good business credit profile, you will have near unlimited borrowing power.

Without having a good business credit profile it will be a difficult path to success without having access to working capital and funding. This is why almost all Fortune 500 companies use their business credit to secure funding. It’s not that they need the money to operate. Successful companies use funding as leverage to grow their business.

The Definitive Guide to Building Business Credit

Did you know having access to money and credit for your business ultimately determines your business’s success or failure? This is according to the SBA. Unfortunately, according to, 90% of business owners know nothing about business credit, and ironically about 90% of businesses in the United States that open end up failing and closing their doors for good.

Having a good business credit profile and score can be all of the difference between you having a highly prosperous business, or being at the helm of a sinking ship. You have to have money and credit to grow, especially to grow into a highly successful business. This is actually one commonality ALL successful businesses have… they all have established business credit. The Definitive Guide to Building Business Credit is a quick guide for busy business owners looking to grow and scale their business by establishing and building business credit.

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Personal Credit Does Not Equal Business Credit

Even with exceptional personal credit, business credit gives you DOUBLE the borrowing power. You can get approved for much higher funding amounts using your business credit than you would if you used your personal credit to qualify.

Another great benefit of business credit is there is no personal guarantee required for much of the funding you obtain. This means you can be approved with no personal liability.

So if you ever do default, the creditor can’t pursue your personal assets like your home or personal bank accounts. Business credit adds more value to your business and gives your business credibility. Stakeholders, partners, lenders, even potential buyers of your business will see more value in your business if you have a strong business credit profile built. Most important by having a good business credit profile built you have security. It is much easier to run your business when working capital is easy to come by.

How Does Business Credit NaVigator™ Work?



Your Investment Options

Business Credit NaVigator™ ProgramHighly Valuable

$ $5,494

$3,744 Savings!
Only $1,750!!
  • QuickSURF Credit NaVigator at 60 & 150 Days ($997)
  • Access to Business Credit NaVigator™ Program ($2,997)
  • Kahuna  NaVigator  Done with You Approach  ($1,500)
  • 5 Years of Access to  Finance Officer Support
  • Fundability Check  & Access
  • DUNS Number Setup
  • 12 Months Business Advisor Team Support


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Program Offerings

Access to Business Credit NaVigator™ ($2,997)

• 7 Step program that helps you build your business credit
• Access to the Finance My Business Section that offers access to alternative lenders
• 24/7 Online access to the program
• Immediate Access to the Finance Blueprint Qualifier that starts the process of you gaining better lending

Kahuna  NaVigator  Done with You Approach  ($1,500)

• Access to a Kahuna NaVigator that can help you with any roadblocks that you encounter
• Helps you stay on track and motivated to completed the program

5 Years of Access to  Finance Officer Support

• Access to the Finance My Business section of the program will end 5 years after enrollment

Fundability Check  & Access

• Helps you ensure your business is credible with lenders

DUNS Number Setup 

• If you don’t already have a DUNS number we will help you get set up with one to establish your Dun and Bradstreet Credit Score

12 Months Business Advisor Team Support 

• The Business Advisor Support Team with call you weekly to help you with anything you may need

QuickSURF Credit NaVigator at 60 & 150 Days ($997)

• Summary of current credit status of your business
• Shows Current Score from all three business credit bureaus
• Shows Changes from the last report to the current report
• Shows current factors as to why your credit score isn’t where you want it to be

Ready to Maximize Your Businesses Potential?

Download your FREE copy of The Definitive Guide to Building Business Credit and contact Kahuna for more information!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Here are testimonials from REAL clients that got REAL results from the Business Credit NaVigator™ Program, Powered by Kahuna Accounting!

Hi my name is Ivan Sugussen, from Castle Food Company. I have been in the business of credit coaching for about five months now. I am really excited about what just happened Tuesday. I was approved for a $10 million line of factory credit. This is going to be vital to my company as we continue to grow. I have found the coaching program to be very thorough, and while it did take some time, I can say with full confidence, that my company is now creditable and has the financial backing to allow us to grow.

Ivan’s 10 million dollar approval

I was thinking about starting a company a while back and signed up to start building my business credit. I found out during the process, that I could leverage my good personal credit and obtain good business credit faster than not using my personal credit. By doing this I was able to get enough money to start a local franchise company. Thanks for the help, I could not have done it without you.

Adam S Thomas Salt Lake City UT

My personal credit is not that good. After getting turned down at multiple banks, because of my personal credit, I signed up with the business credit program so I could start building my business credit. It took longer than I wanted. I wanted everything to happen right away. After the six months coaching program, I made some really good progress. I obtained about $10,000 so far. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Brett B Russell Indianapolis IN

I was really glad to find out that clients with an existing business, generating money with good personal credit can achieve the best results. After hearing that, I signed up right away and am very happy with the help and results to date. My business is now twice the size because of the loan you were able to help me obtain. I was able to buy a second location. This is going to be a good year for us.

Debra Cuyler Bixby OK


You’ve probably got questions and we have answers. We’d be happy to answer any specific question you may have in a FREE Credit and Loan Consultation. In the meantime here’s are some frequently asked questions.

Do I need to be a Fortune 500 company to take advantage of this opportunity?

Absolutely Not! The Business Credit NaVigator™ is the perfect opportunity for all business owners, small and large, to increase the value of their company and separate their business’s credit from their personal credit.

How long will it take for me to build my business’s credit?

You can qualify for Vendor Credit for your business almost immediately! Within 6 months you can have access to $50,000+ in real usable credit in a combination of vendor credit, store credit, and Visa and MasterCard cash credit!

Do I really need Business Credit?

YES! When we started this process of building our own business credit, we found that most of the credit of our 25-year business was still all in our owner’s name and SSN. We have now transitioned our credit to the business’s EIN number allowing greater credit limits than we would have had as personal credit.

Great so someone just does this all for me?

Not exactly. There are several steps in this process, and we have an advising team that will be with you to help you along in the process, however YOU must put the effort in to do this. We do not do this for you, you must take the bull by the horns and command this process for YOUR business.

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