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Maximize Your Business Value
With A Discovery Value Assessment

New Breakthrough Technology Allows Business Owners To Maximize Their Business Value And Create Wealth Easier Than Ever Before

As a business owner, virtually all of your important outcomes depend on the value of your business. 

And if you’re like most, you’ll rely on the sale of your business to fund your retirement. 

But while you probably know the value of your home, your car and your retirement accounts… 

The value of your largest asset – your business – is a number you’ve been content to base on assumptions.  

And not knowing your value could cost you millions. 

At Kahuna Accounting, we believe every business owner deserves to know what their business is worth today… 

And what they can strategically do to improve and maximize that value over time… 

And what they need to do so they don’t leave money on the table. 

That’s why we created… 

The Discovery Value Assessment  

It can be a real game changer for your business. 

Knowing Your Value And What Drives That Value Today Allows You To Increase Your Value Tomorrow. 

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Ben Franklin

If You Don’t Know Your Value, You’re Flying Blind

98% don’t ever obtain a valuation, yet 78% of business owners plan to fund their retirement through the sale of their business.  

That’s because most business owners are consumed by day-to-day operations, leaving little room for thinking 5, 10 or 20 years into the future.  

Unfortunately, many often end up unprepared for an unexpected exit… 

And suddenly find themselves running out of time, at the mercy of others…forced to sell at a last-minute valuation that is far lower than they deserve, possibly losing millions in the process. 

I know because it happened to me, and it was devastating. 

But that’s not the only danger of not knowing your value… 

As a business owner, how can you possibly manage risk, assess capital structure, or do retirement planning properly without knowing the value of the business? 

How can you expect to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of the business world if you don’t know your single most important number? 

If you try to navigate by revenue, you may lose sight of profitability, since not all revenue is created equal.  

If you navigate by profit, then you may not be creating value, or transferable value, in your business. 

If you navigate by growth, you may be growing while not increasing value. 

But if you know your value and focus on improving it, that can have a positive effect on all of those things, and more. 

Information in the form of what your business’ present value is, along with the insight of what contributes to it, becomes your guiding light.

Your Discovery Value Assessment Lights The Way Forward

You deserve to know the value of what you have created with your life’s work. However, up until now, if you wanted to know what your business was worth… 

You either had to pay the huge costs of a certified valuation, or you were stuck guessing using unreliable “back of a napkin” heuristics. 

But now, thanks to new breakthroughs in financial software, and an entrepreneur-focused approach, we can run real-time valuations… 

And even simulate value projections based on different scenarios, customized for you! 

At Kahuna Accounting, we’re focused on the use of valuation as an optimization strategy to maximize the full potential of your business. 

With a brand new methodology and a fresh entrepreneur-centric approach…not as a guru, but as your guide. 

We respect you and include you in the collaborative process of discovery. 

We can show you the strategic value of your business today, so you can make better decisions that can lead to a greater value tomorrow. 

And unlike traditional “single number” valuations, a DVA provides you with a spectrum of value possibilities. 

Based on a variety of potential future factors in an ever-changing landscape. 

Thanks to the power of technology, the once cumbersome, expensive process of business valuation… 

Is now an affordable on-demand, real-time service to help you grow the value of your business in the 21st century. 

“If business schools could offer just one course… they should be encouraging students to learn the critically important discipline of business valuation.” - Warren Buffett

Great Businesses Balance Their Everyday Tactical Focus With The Strategic Big Picture Focus To Create And Improve Long-term Value. 

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Know Where You Are And Where You’re Headed

You need to know what your business is worth today as a foundation to maximize your value tomorrow.  

Is your business worth what you think it is, more than you expected, or less than you thought? And more importantly, why?  

Are you outperforming your industry, meeting the industry average, or underperforming?  

You don’t plan for retirement the day before you retire, so why would you wait to get the info you need to properly plan for the future of your business?  

Knowing your value gives you time and control so you’re prepared to fix any problems before it’s too late. 

Make Better Decisions

Business owners who are armed with the knowledge and insights from a DVA make better decisions, and over time this really adds up.

Do I hire in marketing, sales, or client service?

Do I invest in this new technology?

Do I open a second location?

Do l take on this contract?

All critical decisions should be informed by their impact on the value of the business.

Without knowing your value, how do you know year to year if you’re on the right track?  

If you had been working towards a higher valuation for the last five years, how much more would your company be worth right now?  

Eliminate Uncertainty

Once you know your Strategic Business Value, the path to enhance your value becomes clear.  

The Key Performance Indicators in your DVA allow you to identify and focus on your big value drivers, your 80/20 areas of improvement.  

When you arm yourself with this critical info, you’re in a better position to pursue growth initiatives, secure financing, attract and reward talent… 

Cultivate high-impact partnerships, ensure proper credit and risk management, and whatever else drives value in your unique situation. 

Identify Opportunities To Drive Value

As a business owner, one of the greatest advantages of understanding your value is your ability to affect change on that value.  

There are levers a business owner can pull to drive value in their business.  

Becoming the expert in your own business empowers you to discern the signal from the noise. Knowing the most meaningful metrics to measure is a skill worth mastering.

These are things that can be optimized for business value, and having the value and KPI’s benchmarked allows you to make adjustments.  

With a DVA, you gain the ability to dynamically measure, affect and improve your value in a way that’s aligned with your goals, mission and vision.  

“What gets measured gets improved.” - Peter Drucker

Be Prepared

Most business owners don’t know their business’s true worth… 

Which means they may be undervaluing or overvaluing what they can provide for their loved ones.  

Without knowing the value of your business TODAY, it’s impossible to plan effectively.  

Business value often drives the decisions made around retirement, retirement income, estate planning, and/or trust planning.  

Over valuing or undervaluing a business could set a business owner up for an unpleasant surprise in the future.  

Proper protection and risk planning is necessary to help a family remain financially secure if something were to happen. 

Every Business Owner Deserves to Know What Their Business is Worth Today
– and –
What They Can Do Strategically to Improve & Maximize the Value of Their Business Over Time.

1) DiscoVer…Increased Strategic Clarity for where you are, what’s important for you to know, understanding your options for what is possible… (value drivers/detractors of your) business.

2) DeVelop…Greater Intentionality of how to apply that knowledge to fast track their success.

3) DriVe…Toward Your Desired Future as you tighten the response time through regular measurement and adjustment.

The investment for your Discovery Value Assessment is only $2,750.00 

Let’s Put You In The Driver’s Seat

For less than the cost of a new laptop, you can gain a strategic business advantage that’s never been available before… 

Which could easily be worth 1,000x or more in future business value.  

Now that you understand the many benefits a strategic business valuation can provide… 

Discovery is the first step in knowing your business’ value today. Information leads to insight, revealing the key factors that will maximize the value of the business over time.

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“One of the most important things that Kahuna really helped us with, is valuating our business, and thinking about our business in such a different way. I always used to think that if we were making profit, that was good enough. But they’ve helped me look at my business from a 1,000 foot view, to put all the pieces together, to help increase the value of our business.”

- Brett Snodgrass

“I came into the process with Kahuna seeking to validate the equity value of my business in order to bring on additional partners. We are growing rapidly, and this allows us to keep growing in a strategic and healthy manner. Working with Kahuna gave us the insight we needed to come to terms in a way that everyone was able to agree to. I'm also looking forward to the opportunity Kahuna provides for us to continue to measure the business value of my firm in the months and years ahead so we can benchmark our progress.”

- George Wilson

“The Business Valuation Report provided by Kahuna was shocking. We knew we needed to do more but didn’t know where to focus. Now we know and can act. It was well worth the small time investment on our part.”

- Buster Tate