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Fast, entrepreneurial funding on YOUR terms

As a growing business, cash is king and inevitably you’ll need funding for growth capital, a building, inventory or even additional cash flow to support your growing team.

At Kahuna Accounting, we’ve built our own businesses and also worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the country and we understand this challenge.

We have designed this funding platform for you, the entrepreneur, so you can get funding to grow and keep your soul in the meantime.

How it Works


Fill Out the Finance Blueprint

This is a 5-10 minute process to review your basic information

Your Blueprint is evaluated

Once you submit the blueprint, our team may ask some clarifying questions and then quickly get to work to present the best options for your exact needs

You are presented with funding options

Unlike most platforms that have only one program to offer, we’ll go through every possible option to present you with immediate options for funding and you are 100% in control

Take the First Step Toward Funding



“Very Easy”


“I have used Kahuna Accounting for my company twice now and they have been very easy to work with. You have to provide the required information, however they funded me within a couple of days. They have been there to help when all other traditional lending companies and banks turned me away. They are very nice and are always there when I need them in a pinch.”


– Jeremy, Owner Meltdown Creative Works


Take the First Step Toward Funding!

Fill out this form and receive your business Blueprint!
Once you fill out the form, you’ll receive your business Blueprint and quickly discover what you qualify for

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