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The Ultimate Cash Flow Forecasting Tool For Business Growth

Designed to help entrepreneurs instantly discover current and future cash flow, in one simple click. Get a clear understanding of your cash positioning. This simple tool will show you were you’ll be tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next quarter.

Set up is super simple, get started today!

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Cash Flow Made for Entrepreneurs

See the Future

Patent-pending CashLearn™ AI predicts your future with confidence, so you can understand your current and future cash flow situation.

Know Your Options

Looking to purchase new equipment, hire new staff, or looking to secure a new loan? See the impact of your decisions before you make them.

Collaborate Together

Keep everyone on the same page by inviting your accountant, CFO, and other key team members. Everyone’s in sync.

Fast Decision Making

See your cash flow with a simple yet powerful heatmap of daily cash balances, that highlights any forecasted cash flow shortages.


Eliminate Surprises

With CashGuardian™, you’ll never be caught off guard again.You’ll be notified of any unexpected bills, overdue payments or out-of-cash predictions.


Data at Your Finger Tips

See the financial health of your business whenever and wherever you want with the free Cash Flow app available on Android and iOS devices.

Forecast Your Cash Flow:
See your future

See a forecast of your future cash for the next 6 months, based on your historical cash flow for the past 12 months.

See your forecast by week or month by clicking anywhere on the chart to reveal your cash-in or cash-out transactions. Compare a future month to the same month a year ago or find top customers & vendors with a simple click.

The Most Intuitive Cash Flow Tool on the Market

The Cash Flow Tool is the only tool on the market that factors one off expenses that business owner have in a year. This tool is designed to look at current sales and the cash that comes in, while also factoring expenses that happen monthly, quarterly, semi annually, or annually.

It factors in those one-time expenses such as property taxes, annual insurance payments, or tax installments for example, and makes sure that your cash flow prediction is as accurate as possible.

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The #1 rated cash flow app for QuickBooks Online

Just what I needed!! I have recently starting using this tool and am finding the forecasting flexibility extremely valuable. It is fast becoming one of my must-have apps!!

CashCoach, 11/05/2019

Great business tool. Such an essential piece of the business puzzle. So many great features which give me the ability to plan for the future.

LoureneEveryPennyBks, 11/04/2019

Awesome Tool! I am so glad that we started using this app. I love how adjustable it is unlike some Cash Flow Tools that do not allow you to add or omit projections or revenue. Time Saver!! There is a learning curve but totally worth not having to do this manually.

CandiceMacFSGroup, 12/09/2019

Perfect Blend! This tool and the personal service that supports it is truly the perfect blend for success. We plan to incorporate a more sophisticated cash flow service offering and remain confident that the support available to enable our team will make it happen!

CashQueen, 12/04/2019

-Testimonials courtesy of Finagraph and Intuit


2 Options to Get Started Today

Kahuna Cash Flow NaVigator™Most Valuable

$ 49

Per Month/Annual Subscription
  • Cash Guardian™ anomaly monitoring
  • Weekly predictive cash balance, cash in/out
  • 6-month intelligent cash flow forecasting
  • Interactive visual cash flow chart
  • Cash flow calendar & heatmap
  • Total annual savings of $120
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Kahuna Cash Flow NaVigator™Popular Option

$ 59

Per Montly Subscription
  • Cash Guardian™ anomaly monitoring
  • Weekly predictive cash balance, cash in/out
  • 6-month intelligent cash flow forecasting
  • Interactive visual cash flow chart
  • Cash flow calendar & heatmap
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Cash Flow Calendar:
See by the day, week & month

A simple yet powerful heatmap displays shades of green for positive cash balance days and red for any forecasted cash flow shortfalls for a rolling 6 months in the future. You can also quickly perform powerful what-if analysis to decide the best time to get a loan or when to delay paying a bill, all so you can see the impact on your cash flow.

What-if Scenarios

Need to hire a new employee? Upgrade your technology? Hoping to land a contract? See in real-time, the impact of a variety of scenarios to your cash flow.

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Do you offer email support?

Yes, our average response rate is 24 hours. You can email us at with questions.

Do you offer phone support?

At this time, we do not offer phone support.

What if I own more than one business?

You will need to purchase a subscription for each separate business

Do you offer training?

Yes, within the cash flow app you will have a number of trainings and tutorials available to you.

How accurate is the cash flow forecast?

Forecasted predictions are only as accurate as the historical data provided. For more information visit the Cash Flow Calendar page.

Does the Cash Flow Tool sync with my bank statements?

This tool pulls data directly from QuickBooks. If your bank accounts are connected to QuickBooks, then all reconciled bank transactions will be synced.

Did you create this Cash Flow Tool?

No, the Cash Flow Tool was created by our partners at Finagraph. At Kahuna, we believe in leverage, value, and partnership. We also believe that sometimes less is more. Businesses live and die by cash flow. That’s why we have partnered with Finagraph, to not only reduce the price, but to provide you with the tools you need, in order for your business to flourish. Where we could, we’ve made it as simple and clear as possible for you to quickly understand and apply data from your business to your business success and acceleration.

Does the cash flow tool work with QuickBooks?

Yes, this cash flow tool is the only tool that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks online and desktop.

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