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By Michael Luchies

I don’t know about you, but when I’m stressed, overworked, and anxious, it can be extremely difficult to make decisions. As entrepreneurs, we are forced to perform at a high level even when we aren’t relaxed and free of worry.

The painful truth of not making a decision because of procrastination or letting our worries get the best of us, is that we are in fact making a decision.

For example, the last few months have been my busiest. As always, I have still tried to take on every task myself instead of delegating tasks to others or hiring a part-time employee. Even though I need to update my website, create service agreements, and complete other tasks that someone else could easily do (if not better than I could), I rely on myself — creating more stress, work and anxiety.

There are other consequences when failing to delegate.

When We Refuse to Let Go

red xWhen we refuse to let go of a task, we’re making a decision to spend our time doing that task instead of something else. Unless you have extra free time on your hands, something must be given up or left for later in order for you to put something else on your plate.

These are short-term problems, but they have long-term consequences.

Look at the bookkeeping of your business. By not delegating this task, you put all of the work and responsibility on your own shoulders. Because of this and the workload you already have to deal with, capturing activity, reconciling transactions, and finalizing reports are often put off for more timely tasks, until they too become a necessity.

Not dealing with bookkeeping or other tasks immediately, whether handling yourself or delegating them to another employee, makes them become a priority later. Like when taxes are due and you’re 10 months behind on making entries, or you’re trying to pick your marketing efforts back up off of the ground after three straight months of declining sales.

If you choose to let go – to delegate tasks, you can avoid the situations where manageable aspects of your business become vital for survival. Put systems in place to make sure all parts of your business are receiving the attention they deserve.

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