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Being an adult requires cleaning up messes. Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur running your own law practice, you’ll also create messes along the way that you’ll later have to clean up.

One of those messes many entrepreneurs and small law firms make is within the accounting side of their business.

Kahuna Accounting itself developed from this problem years after founder Frank Lunn had to lead his business out of a giant bookkeeping mess. He put together a financial team to intentionally grow his business, and the results from his passion for helping other entrepreneurs led to the start of the business, which now helps small businesses work with a financial team to grow at an affordable price.

In other words, cleaning up accounting messes is our job, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help entrepreneurs get out of theirs.

lexicata-high-res-logoRecently, law firm CRM company Lexicata featured a post from Kahuna Accounting’s Micky Deming; If Your Law Firm Accounting Is A Mess, Here’s What To Do About It.  In the post, Micky outlines the following:


  • How to find out if your law firm accounting is a mess

o   It’s costing you money

o   It’s costing you time

o   It’s raising your anxiety

o   It’s putting you at risk

o   Your business is suffering

  • How to fix the mess

o   Start with the proper setup

o   Use good tools

o   Create a chart of accounts

o   Reconcile regularly

o   Get help when you can

To discover how to fix your accounting mess if you have one, read the full post on Lexicata here!

Want help with your mess without spending hours trying to figure and sort it all out? We have the experts who can help. Contact Kahuna Accounting and simplify your law firm’s bookkeeping.

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