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Is it time to simplify accounting?


At Kahuna Accounting, we are proud to partner with Pam Slim on her community tour, because we believe entrepreneurial success comes down to the strength of your community.

Many entrepreneurs feel like they are on an island – especially when it comes to financials.

Can anyone help me organize this?

Can someone explain financials to me in a way that makes sense?

That’s what we’re here for. We are part of your team. We get accounting, but we also get entrepreneurs. We want to be a small part of your great success and we want to create space for you to thrive.

“Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs building companies over the last 10 years, I know they need four primary things: a viable business idea, a strong business model, a powerful marketing and sales plan, and rock-solid business operations. Without a well-managed financial infrastructure, businesses cannot sustain success and eventually collapse. Most entrepreneurs do not bring all these strengths to their business, which is why establishing partnerships with trusted professionals is so critical.

From the first moment I met the staff at Kahuna Accounting, I loved their down to earth demeanor, friendliness, and true passion for their business. I knew they would be a great partner for my clients, because they are trustworthy, care about relationships want to help the broader community achieve economic stability and success.” – Pamela Slim

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