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Connect Infusionsoft and Xero and Set Yourself Up for Growth

By November 16, 2015No Comments

A business can trap you.

Reading articles about entrepreneurship, you will often see people talking about freedom being one of the greatest motivators for starting a business. So why are so many entrepreneurs feeling stuck, trapped and anything but free?

Where does the freedom happen?

The answer comes from Michael Gerber in his bestselling book, The E-Myth, and it can really boil down to one word: systems.

When you have systems your business is no longer dependent on you. You can take one element of the business, boil it down to its core and document a repeatable process to complete it. Then you work to maximize efficiency.

Infusionsoft for Your Sales and Marketing System

Infusionsoft is a beautiful tool, because it helps to systematize sales and marketing. Rather than one person having to remember to email prospects, Infusionsoft can set up an automatic message or reminder.

Infusionsoft takes a sales and marketing system and then automates so much of it that you can accomplish 10x more in 1/10th the time.

This is the power of a system, and in addition to automating Infusionsoft is a tool for growth. As you can track customers, consistently follow up and automate the buying process, you are able to bring more customers through the door.

This allows for cash flow, growth and with a system in place you are able to truly grow to a place of freedom where you can separate from your business.
But there is still something missing for true freedom.

What is Your Financial System?

If you are really looking for freedom and growth, I find it impossible to imagine getting there without a handle on financials. This is a system that is critical for entrepreneurs and many don’t have a handle on it.

A strong financial system means you can see in real time the picture of your business and are also able to look ahead to the future and make decisions with real information about the impact of hiring, selling, or losing a big client.

Your financials tell you the picture of profitability and can tell you exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go.

But how many entrepreneurs have a financial system providing this type of information?

Not only are the financials a challenge for many entrepreneurs, they are also often anything but systematized. Whereas Infusionsoft helps automate and streamline operations for a sales and marketing team – all in the cloud – most accounting still relies on spreadsheets, paper and servers.

Well it doesn’t have to.

A Better Financial System

Xero is cloud accounting software that allows entrepreneurs to create a powerful system for their financials.

Xero connects to bank feeds.

Xero has a mobile app for entering receipts by photo.

Xero is in the cloud – allowing for virtual collaboration and mobility.

And you can do it all without entering data or chasing down paper.

When you set up Xero properly and stay on top of your transactions, you are able to focus on growing your business, while maintaining an eye on your financials and overall health of your business – in real time.

Taking it to the Next Level

And now, Workato is bringing these two powerful tools together to allow a business to be fully streamlined. With hundreds of applications to integrate and an experienced IT team, they have been pioneering a unique DIY integration tool with powerful capabilities.

For the first time ever, Infusionsoft users now have the opportunity to begin connecting the valuable sales information that they have been generating in Infusionsoft to Xero in the brand new Xero Connect. This allows for minimal data entry and a visible financial system at all levels once it’s setup and coordinated properly.

Kahuna Accounting, the first premier Xero Partner in the U.S. providing assistance with Xero Connect, is leading the charge in helping Infusionsoft users maximize Workato’s power to connect with Xero. To get started with Kahuna, you can see our solutions for Xero and Infusionsoft here.

Getting Out of the Trap

A business can definitely trap you when so much relies on you. But technology and automation make it very possible to make it out of the trap.

Your marketing and sales and your accounting are the backbone of a business. By getting a handle on these systems and automating, you can take a 10,000 foot view of your business and plan for true, long-term growth.

Without a system in place, you are surviving. You are chasing sales, only looking one month at a time and waiting until the end of the quarter or year to see how you did.

With strong systems in place you can look at the present moment and look ahead.

And when you are able to look ahead, you are able to focus on growth and what it means.

Now you are finding the entrepreneurial freedom you’ve been looking for.

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