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It’s hard to be an entrepreneur and not constantly hear how important putting processes and systems into place are.

Without a process, it’s hard to replicate success and improve the efficiency of any aspect of your business. While it’s not as sexy of a topic as growth or sales, many small businesses now seek out this information due to the important role it will play in their business.

Kate Erickson is a “Content Creator and Implementer” for Entrepreneur on Fire, a top ranked business podcast. In the most recent episode of Kate’s Take Season 2 Audio Blog, Kate discusses prioritizing tasks and projects, and the importance of writing out all of the specific individual steps a task requires. To our surprise, Kate chose bookkeeping as the example to share with her listeners and blog readers.

Entrepreneur on Fire works with Kahuna Accounting to handle their bookkeeping. Here is Kate’s written out process for handling the bookkeeping of Entrepreneur on Fire:

  • Login to Xero
  • Check my accounts tab
  • Go into each account and start to reconcile transactions
  • For each account in Xero, I open up that bank account in a new tab and log in
  • Research any transactions that don’t look right
  • Add any new categories in Xero (if necessary)
  • Upload statements for our business bank acct and our credit card for the month
  • Reply to any questions Ryan has (he’s our bookkeeping manager over at Kahuna)
  • Follow up with Ryan by the 4th to see if he’s published the monthly report
  • Review every line item on the monthly report to make sure items have been categorized correctly

That’s one example of an effective system broken down into steps. What’s something you can apply this to in your business? What process can you break down into repeatable steps?

Listen to the full Season 2 Episode 4 of Kate’s Take Audio Blog on Entrepreneur on Fire here


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