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Discover the Value of Your Life’s Work, So You Can… Drive Profit, Revenue, Cash Flows, and Wealth Creation Through Maximizing Value…

The DISCOVERY VALUE NAVIGATOR™ program is our clear system to help entrepreneurs discover the value of their business, so they can maximize their value, accelerate their business and achieve their goals.


Discover Your Business Value To Maximize Your Growth And Achieve Your Goals

Get Started Now For Only $3750!

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Here’s What’s Included In the Program…

Discovery Exploration Call- A brief call to learn more about you and your business. This ensures we can best uncover and serve your unique needs.


Entrepreneur Questionnaire- This is a simple and intuitive questionnaire designed to help the
Kahuna team best understand and serve your unique business goals and needs. As well, most clients leave with a greater understanding of their business.


Secure Data Collection- Our Kahuna Support Team will do the majority of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on maximizing your value and achieving your goals.


Kahuna quickSURF™ Valuation Analysis- You will receive a unique 20+ page report with four valuation numbers and metrics. The Kahuna team will perform a detailed analysis of your business to uncover actionable insights for you to apply to accelerate your business.

Most Importantly, We Have Included a Pathfinder™ Process

Transform Your Information Into Actionable Insights

Pathfinder Process™- You receive a guide for the entire journey you take with us. As well, we include a 90-minute session with an experienced Kahuna Value NaVigator. They will help you navigate your valuation findings, reveal findings from our analysis, and help you uncover the paths you can take to accelerate your goals.

We Have Included These Bonuses…
But Only for the Next 100!

It’s all part of our mission of:

Learning, Living, and Sharing the Journey of Entrepreneurship in Life, Business and Legacy

Bonus #1

30-Minute Ask Me Anything (AMA) With CEO, Frank F. Lunn

A 30-Minute Ask Me Anything (AMA) With Kahuna Business Group, Inc. President and CEO, Frank F. Lunn. You will learn from his expensive mistakes, as well as his highest successes and uncover his 80/20 insights for how he utilizes this New Science to Accelerate Kahuna and the next 100 clients.


Bonus #2

Delta Pulse Check Follow Up

Between 90 to 120 days after completing the program, we are providing a complimentary valuation follow up to reveal and benchmark your progress. Meaning you will see how this new science has changed your business.

To Sum It All Up, You Receive…

Discovery Exploration Call
Entrepreneur Questionnaire
Secure Data Collection
Kahuna quickSURF™ Value & Analysis
Pathfinder Strategy Session
Bonus #1: 30 Ask Me Anything With CEO, Frank F. Lunn
Bonus #2: Delta Pulse Check Follow Up

Get Started Now For Only $3750!

Questions? Schedule a call here.


Backed By Our Risk-Free Guarantee

On one hand, you could invest $597 and find out this doesn’t work. You tell us why and get a 100% refund.

On the other hand…If this does lead you to discover the value of your business so you can be intentional to secure the current income and future wealth and lifestyle of you and those you love…

If that has a chance of being true… wouldn’t it be worth it?

What Our Clients Are Saying

I used to think profit was good enough…

“One of the most important things that Kahuna really helped us with, is valuating our business, and thinking about our business in such a different way. I always used to think that if we were making profit, that was good enough. But they’ve helped me look at my business from a 1,000 foot view, to put all the pieces together, to help increase the value of our business.”


Why Should I Care About Value Today?

Locate Your 80/20

Business valuation can help you reveal your 80/20, maximum return for the minimum effort, areas of your business. Meaning you can locate your strategic advantages and uncover areas of your business that detract, slow, or even destroy your value. In some cases, the findings can save a business – it would have for Kahuna.

Accelerate Your Business

Valuation helps you locate value drivers, which are factors like revenue growth, profit, cash flow, and more that increase your value. It just so happens that these are also core areas of your business and success. Meaning you can focus on what will really move the dial.

Avoid Potentially Massive Losses

Our process helps reveal value detractors, diminishers and destroyers. In other words, areas of your business that result in the loss of value, which more often than not aid in current and long term results and growth trajectory. In some cases, the insights reveal potentially business-ending issues before they can cause further damage.

Optimize Your Current Income

For many, their business is the single most significant source of current income. When a valuation is completed, it is similar to completing an MRI of your body. At first, you knew something was hurting you. After the MRI, you can see, with great precision, why it was hurting. In much the same way, our process helps you see your business, so you can make the most informed decisions about how to develop and grow.

DRIVE Don't Drift

For many entrepreneurs, they plan to fund part of or all of their retirement from the sale or residuals of their business. Meaning your future wealth and lifestyle will be determined by how well you can understand and maximize your value. Value takes time to

Realize Your Potential

From the vantage point of seeing your business and the paths you can take to accelerate your goals. You can begin to clearly see what is now possible not only with this new science but what’s possible for you and your business.

Discover Your Business Value To Maximize Your Growth And Achieve Your Goals

Get Started Now For Only $3750!

Questions? Schedule a call here.

How Accurate Is the Full Report?

Our valuation engine uses a vast amount of data and elaborate calculations to create each report. Thankfully most of it stays out of sight. It pulls data from:

  • Over 100,000,000 Data Points
  • 25+ World Data Centers
  • World, State, and Local Economy
  • 33,400,000 Completed Valuations (And Counting…)

It also considers…

  • Geography
  • Business Climate
  • Industry Standards
  • And More….
Valuation, business, owner, entrepreneur

In short, while cost and time commitments are reduced to a fraction, the system still maintains tremendous accuracy.


How Many Key Performance Indicators Are In The Report?

Depending on your industry and the financial statements you provide us, your report will contain some or all of the following KPIs:

• Return on Equity
• Receivables Conversion
• Inventory Turnover
• Fixed Assets Turnover
• Debt-to-Equity Over Time
• Interest Coverage Over Time
• Cash-to-Debt Over Time
• Income-to-Revenue Over Time
• Cash Flow-to-Revenue Over Time
• Receivables-to-Income Over Time
• Inventory-to-Income Over Time
• Fixed Assets-to-Income Over Time
•Total Debt-to-Income Over Time

How Long Until I Receive My Report?

You can expect your report within 3 to 5 business days after we have received all of the necessary information. We intend to deliver it sooner than this period, but we cannot guarantee this. We want you to experience this as soon as possible and will do everything we can to deliver your report quickly and effectively.

How Long Will the Entire Process Last?

While you can complete the process in under two hours of your time, the more time you invest into this process the higher ROI you will likely see.

In total, depending on how quickly we can schedule and receive all necessary information, it can take as much as 3 to 5 days to receive your report, and 5 to 30 days to schedule and perform the Pathfinder Strategy session. This is dependent on a number of variables; our goal is to have you experience this new science as soon as possible.

Is a Discovery Value NaVigator™ a Certified Valuation?

The short answer is – no.

The Discovery Value NaVigator™ is not about curating a precise valuation, but rather a very close estimate so you can calibrate and arrive at where you want to go.

It is like getting a physical; it lets you take a look at the vital signs of your business, so you can make the most informed decisions. If you want to understand and maximize your value, a Discovery Value NaVigator™ is far more valable than a Certified Valuation. However, if you looking to exit a business or purchase a business, a certified valuation will likely be the best option.

A Discovery Value NaVigator™ and a Certified Valuation are two separate approaches for different purposes.

That said, if you need a Certified Valuation, we are able to offer that as part of our toolkit.


Discovery Value NaVigatorSpecial Offer

Just $ 3,750

Normally $4,745*

Initial Comprehensive Baseline Strategic Business Valuation
($1,750 Value)

  • ☑ Initial 30 Minute Discovery Calibration Call
  • ☑ Entrepreneur Questionnaire
  • ☑ Fact-Finder & Documentation Process
  • ☑ Valuation with quickSURF™ Valuation Analysis

—————— AND ——————

Pathfinder Process™ Strategy Session ($2,000 Value)

* Initial Set-Up Fee WAIVED ($995 Value)

Total Program Value ($4,745)

  • Limited-Time, Introductory Special Offer: All for Only $3750

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Discover Your Business Value To Maximize Your Potential!

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