Discovery Value NaVigator™

Ignorance is Expensive 

Specifically Designed to Educate, Enlighten & Empower enTREPreneurs to DISCOVER:

  • What You and Your Leadership Team Need to Know NOW to Gain – Not Just an Ordinary Slight-Edge — But a Downright Unfair Advantage!
  • Strategic Leverage Drivers of Value in Your Business
  • Power of a Strategic Business Valuation
  • Value of Your Business — Right Now
  • What Actually Creates Value in Your Business
Knowing your business valuation and drivers behind your valuation can be the difference between incremental and exponential.  What we’re doing for business valuation is much like what Zillow did for real estate.

We’ve invested in technology using industry-specific, geographic and economic data combined with other proprietary data-sets to produce a valuation in far less time, far less business intrusion and expense.

Even as costs and expenses are reduced, our proven process will help you understand, apply and magnify value in your business.  Simply knowing your current business value is an important and worthy outcome.  However, when you can apply that understanding into your ongoing strategic and tactical planning, it is a major force multiplier and strategic unfair advantage.

Kahuna Value NaVigator’s Discovery Value NaVigator™ — Special Offer includes all the following as part of our ongoing entrepreneurial proven process:


Initial Comprehensive Baseline Strategic Business Valuation

Discovery Call – Initial application of entrepreneurial S.U.R.F. Strategy:

Survey to really Understand important elements for current valuation – including:
⇒  Business history, entrepreneur history, relevant back story, motivations & drivers (both surface as well as deeper – issues behind the issues)
⇒  Future strategic planning, near term tactical priorities, targets and goals along with other relevant factors or situations relevant to business valuation
♦Discussion of Valuation and Valuation DRIVERs specifically to their:
⇒  Business, Client Profile, Market, Industry, NAICs Code, Geography & other vital factors to understand for planning

Entrepreneur Questionnaire – Simple & easy, yet insightful survey for the entrepreneur leader. Designed for application insights as well as to uncover possible hidden value drivers or value detractors.   This process is solely at the discretion of the entrepreneur for a broader tapestry of understanding relevant factors affecting business valuation.

Fact-Finder Process – Kahuna Support Coordination Team – In addition to Discovery Call and Leadership Questionnaire, this team will do the data input – They will coordinate to request and compile relevant documentation, tax returns and other information for most comprehensive valuation.  Our team is trained to not only make this painless but to also make the process educational where appropriate.

Kahuna quickSURF™ Valuation Analysis – Kahuna Value NaVigator Team continues the Survey/Understand and adds a practical Response/Focus for an actionable overview to valuation including basic benchmarking understanding of where the value is minimized or lost as well as where value is created and how to magnify incorporating results and action items into ongoing action plan.

I used to think profit was good enough…


“One of the most important things that Kahuna really helped us with, is valuating our business, and thinking about our business in such a different way. I always used to think that if we were making profit, that was good enough. But they’ve helped me look at my business from a 1,000 foot view, to put all the pieces together, to help increase the value of our business.”

Pathfinder Process™ Up to 90-Minute Strategy Session

We’ll assist you to know exactly where you are and then develop a map to exactly where you want to go.  Like plotting the course on the map to your success, we’ll scout out ahead to help you avoid hazards and routes to avoid.  We’ll use valuation as a metric to develop strategic metrics for improvements in the business and drivers of your business – the drivers of growth, profit, cash flow to develop the basis of enterprise value in your business as a foundation for wealth from your business.

The real value from this strategy session comes in the clarity, intentionality, calibrated focus and dynamic feedback for entrepreneurs.  The strategy session allows the Kahuna Value NaVigator Team to assist you to focus ON your business instead of just working IN your business.

The Kahuna Value NaVigator Team will assist you to find and focus on the high-level, high-leverage “Dial-Movers”.  We’ll help you define your goals and lay out a clear path to achieve them.  We’ll help you identify that gap between where you are and where you think you should be… along with a tactical road-map to your success.  We’re your guide to discover your hidden advantages and fastest path to your objectives.  Our program is enTREPreneur-centric information, data, tools, resources, and support on your enTREPreneurial journey.

Clarity > Intentionality >Calibrated Focus > Dynamic Feedback

We Achieve Our Victories Through the Victories of Those We Serve!

We’re an enTREPreneurial success catalyst assisting you to Be Your Own Big Kahuna!


Discovery Value NaVigatorSpecial Offer

Just $ 3,750

Normally $4,745*

Initial Comprehensive Baseline Strategic Business Valuation
($1,750 Value)

  • ☑ Initial 30 Minute Discovery Calibration Call
  • ☑ Entrepreneur Questionnaire
  • ☑ Fact-Finder & Documentation Process
  • ☑ Valuation with quickSURF™ Valuation Analysis

—————— AND ——————

Pathfinder Process™ Strategy Session ($2,000 Value)

* Initial Set-Up Fee WAIVED ($995 Value)

Total Program Value ($4,745)

  • Limited-Time, Introductory Special Offer: All for Only $3750

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