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We Use Data to Help Businesses Accelerate Growth with Higher Profit

Stop flying blind in your business. Our Dynamic Guidance System is a custom-built dashboard aligned, calibrated & coordinated to your growth, profit and cashflow!


Real-time data (in plain language) built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to explode your profit

Most CPAs and financial experts provide numbers with no meaning or context. And without meaningful numbers, you are left looking backward and your financial information doesn’t connect to your vision for your business. It doesn’t have to be that way, and with our system you’ll be able to predict and DRIVE your vision into reality.

Here’s what happens when you work with Kahuna:

  • We have a strategy session to understand your business and goals
  • We build real-time dashboard mapping your data to your profit and cash goals
  • We connect data sources you are already using, so it’s no extra work for you
  • We help you create a feedback loop to guarantee you’re on the right path and make adjustments
  • You stay one step ahead of challenges (and opportunities) because you’re looking forward

What happens when you connect data to your goals

You stop drifting, and start intentionally driving your business’ future

Invest in what matters

When you look backward, you can’t make proactive decisions. With DGS, you’ll lock in on the key drivers and spend your time intentionally.

Take more money home

Generating excess cash flow is the key to business. When you track and monitor cash flow, you’ll proactively build it.

Build and grow your legacy

Entrepreneurs are looking backward, and are therefore stuck in the day-to-day. With DGS, you’ll be able to think big about what you really want…and create it.

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