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Do You Know How Much Money You’ll Make This Year?

By October 22, 2014No Comments

Here in Central Illinois it’s a crisp, cool sunny day. Leaves are blowing around the grass and every restaurant is advertising Pumpkin-spiced something.

Yes, it’s true, we are very much in the Fall season, and before we know it we’ll be thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For entrepreneurs, that means something else – the end of the year is approaching. Time to tie up all loose ends and finish the year strong, while at the same time getting prepared for 2015.

Peggy Gruenke has a very helpful post for you today if you’re still getting ready for year end.

The article dives into the hectic nature of the end of the year for solo and small law firms, and provides practical tips for making the most of what’s left of the year.

You should definitely check it out.

What stands out to me is the concept of the end of the year coming out of nowhere. It seems like this happens to us every year. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, week-to-week urgent tasks, that it’s hard to truly have plan in place for the year.

With the right plan and the right tools to measure progress, the end of the year doesn’t have to sneak up on you. You can prepare, stay on top of what’s coming and be ready to jump on opportunities. But you’ll never get there by drifting.

But how do you make a plan when you are so busy with the day-to-day? That’s what we want to help with.

Introducing: The Solo Attorney’s Game Plan for a Profitable 2015

Because of challenges like this at the end of year, and what we have seen at Kahuna – we know how hard it is to have an organized, systematized approach to your law firm.

That’s why we have partnered with Peggy to create a free 30-day course for solo attorneys to create an action plan for finishing the year strong and preparing for 2015.

The course will include 4 in-depth sessions to help you see the big picture in your firm, and will provide tools for you to create an actual plan for next year -rather than simply drifting along.

Sign up for the course here!

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