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Eliminating Ghost Town Social Media Platforms: 1-Minute Small Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

By March 14, 2016No Comments

Today we’re talking about Ghost Town Platforms, and it’s very likely that your business has at least one if not many. A ghost town platform is a social media account you once started and maintained, only to later abandon it.

If you have a business Twitter account with no posts in the last six months, what do you think people will think when they come across it? They’ll think that you’re out of business or that your business is dying.

Your action step for today is to discover what ghost town platforms you have and delete them, or re-dedicate yourself to regularly maintaining these accounts. Don’t make it look like you’ve gone out of business, delete these accounts or get active and start connecting with current and potential customers.

To make scheduling social media posts easy, I recommend checking out:

Side note: Always keep a list of your accounts and passwords.

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