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“So after x (days/weeks/months/years) we found ourselves back in the same place.”

At Kahuna Accounting, not only do we hear this frequently — it’s a part of our past. Kahuna Business Group didn’t always focus on the accounting business. In fact, it was a part of our business that was overlooked for years, wasting our time and costing us opportunities.

Any entrepreneur who makes the statement “we’re back in the same place” is in denial.

The truth is that your business is NEVER “back in the same place,” and neither are your company’s finances.


The value of your business, money, employees, time, products and services is fluid. Even if you have exactly the same amount of money, value, clients, etc. a week from now, you’ve lost time while the rest of the world has moved ahead. Inflation may have accelerated, money may be devalued, and you will never get that week back at the end of your work life. And as we all know, we can’t get back lost time.

We are never “back in the same place.”

When making decisions for our businesses, it’s imperative that we consider these risks and consequences.

When Kahuna Accounting hired a single bookkeeper well over a decade ago, we didn’t consider what would happen if that employee quit unexpectedly or even stole from the company without our knowledge. We’ve been able to learn from experiences of this nature and create a solution to prevent other entrepreneurs from feeling like they’re “back in the same place.”

Kahuna Accounting provides virtual bookkeeping services that are done for entrepreneurs around the country by a trusted team of accountants. This allows entrepreneurs to save money on a bookkeeper (up to 2/3 savings over an in-house bookkeeper) while giving them the peace of mind that controls and safety nets are in place to ensure accurate and consistent services.

Use this reminder as an opportunity to reevaluate vulnerable aspects of your business and what would happen if specific scenarios occurred. If your CFO quit, how would you recover quickly? If your accountant steals, what steps will you take next?

See What Kahuna Accounting Can Do For Your Business

 Take 30 minutes today to look at aspects of your business that could easily put you behind where you want to be if a small change occurred. After all, you can’t get ahead if you keep falling behind.



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