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In just under two weeks, part of the Kahuna team will be making the short trip to Chicago for the Clio Cloud Conference.

We have been looking forward to this event for a while, and can’t wait to meet a bunch of innovative, entrepreneurial attorneys at the event.

Here are 5 reasons we are looking forward to the conference:

1. Learning About the Legal Industry and the Latest Technology

One thing Clio promises to deliver at this event is some thought-provoking ideas on the legal industry and the technology trends impacting all business and entrepreneurship.

The lineup of speakers is impressive, and Clio themselves have proven to be on the cutting edge of innovation within the legal business environment.

Kahuna Accounting is fairly new to working in legal, and we’re thrilled to get a chance to learn from some of the best and observe the trends within the industry.

2. Working with our friends from Xero

We are really excited to take part in this because we won’t be alone. Our friends at Xero also have a booth and Carla Caldwell from Xero will be a speaker, sharing about legal accounting.

We’re excited to work alongside Xero to share the great potential in the legal industry to combine cloud tools and accounting advising to have streamlined, simple legal accounting.

3. Meeting some of our friends and partners

Since we have been working in the world of solo and small law firms, we have met some great partners who will also be attending the conference.

While today’s incredible world of technology allows genuine connections to form online, we are looking forward to meeting some of our new friends in person at the event.

4. It’s in Chicago

Kahuna Accounting is located in Bloomington, Ill. Just south of Chicago where the Clio Cloud Conference will be held.

This makes it even better for our team, as we’ll be able to take a short drive and enjoy one of our favorite cities!

5. Meeting attorneys

Best of all, we are excited to get to know more entrepreneurial attorneys at the event. As Kahuna Accounting has grown, so has our client base. And our favorite part of that growth is getting to know the entrepreneurs who are out there serving.

We are looking forward to this event simply for the opportunity to meet others who are doing great work across the country.

We’ll have a booth set up and we can’t wait for the event.

If you are headed to Clio Cloud 9, stop by and find our booth!

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