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Nothing in your business is more important than the passion and purpose behind what you do.

“Nobody cares about what you do. They care about WHY you do it.”

— Simon Sinek

Every business starts with a purpose, but unfortunately in the day-to-day, we actually end up spending much of our time with small, low-value tasks just to keep things going.

These are:

1. Not purposeful
2. Not worth your time

One of the biggest contributors to this problem is bookkeeping! To stay on top of financials, track expenses and know cash flow requires regular attention as the to-do list continues to pile up.

Fortunately, technology today and the power of the cloud make it insanely easy and affordable to know your exact financial position in real time, and most importantly will save you a ton of time!

Xero is a cloud-based accounting system used by over 200,000 businesses worldwide. This a 10 second glimpse at what it allows you to do:

  • Invoice instantly from anywhere
  • Access key financial information from anywhere
  • Capture expenses by taking a photo – then throw those receipts away! No more tracking paper

Most importantly, all of these changes allow businesses to stop playing catch up with their bookkeeping and actually focus on what they care about most: Making money and doing what they love!

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