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One of the questions you might be asking yourself is… What if I’m FUBAR?

Now if you don’t know what FUBAR means, I’ll clean it up a little bit. I first learned of the word from my time in the military.

FUBAR is an acronym meaning, “Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.”

FUBAR is a common deep-seated fear that many entrepreneurs have about their business.

On the surface of the business, everything looks good. There is a decent amount of revenue, possibly some profit. But right under the hood, hidden right below the success, is something you really don’t want anybody to look at. If you are anything like me, it’s probably kind of ugly. Let me put you at ease because I totally understand where you’re coming from, I know what your fears are because those are the fears that I have.

Over the last two-plus decades of this business, I’ve made about every mistake possible. Some multiple times – unfortunately – and our balance sheet and P&L were not something that we were necessarily excited to share with the world because it was ugly.

Entrepreneurship is not neat nor is it always pretty. As entrepreneurs, we don’t always know what we don’t know but, call it courage or self-delusion, we go ahead and push forward figuring out details on the back end. This is something I have done frequently to get to where I am today, carrying with it the good, the bad, and the ugly.
In fact, this is why we started Kahuna Accounting and why we’re working with entrepreneurs for our Kahuna Value NaVigator services.
What I encountered on my entrepreneurial journey were individuals with very high skill, but they didn’t think like I did. They didn’t know me, nor did they seem to want to know me.  I found myself thinking on more than one occasion, “Just because you know what you are doing, does not mean you know what I am doing.”
I needed an entrepreneurial approach, something that only a fellow entrepreneur can really help with. This is what I refer to now as part of the wealth journey of entrepreneurship.

It is a focus on five key areas of your business.  Essentially, it is Driving Revenue, Driving Profit and Driving Cash Flow, to Maximize Value and Build Wealth.

My mistakes and what I did not know quite literally cost millions of lost dollars for my business partners and me.  This is painful and feels like I’ve let myself, my family and my partners fail on my watch.  This pain is part of what compels me to provide an alternate path of understanding for the entrepreneur.
We’re learning how to utilize and apply the New Science of Business Valuation in a way that lets entrepreneurs have a good starting point to know where they are today so they can make improved and calibrated plans to achieve their desired future.  This process does way more than just help you un-FUBAR.

The Results?

Clarity for where you are — again the good, bad or ugly — you need to know where you are so you can determine the best path.

Intentionality is deliberate and discerning targets for what you want to achieve and where you desire to go.

Calibrated Focus provides a feedback mechanism to be aligned and tied in directly to what is most important today as well as priorities for tomorrow.

Ongoing, positive feedback loop to be able to accept feedback and correct course, allowing these things to work together for the future that you desire to create.

These four components all work together as part of your entrepreneurial journey for Driving Revenue, Driving Profit, Driving Cash Flow, Maximizing Value and Building Wealth.

Imagine…being able to accept information AND make corrections as you go; that is entrepreneurship.

If you’re worried that, “Wow, my situation is ugly, it’s FUBAR. I wouldn’t want anybody to get under the hood and really look at my business.” Don’t worry, we understand. That’s exactly the reason you should and that’s exactly what we hope you discover with Discovery Business Valuation™.

What this really boils down to is your Discovery; the word wasn’t added on a whim. I have shortcomings, I have missed out, I have had – and in some ways still do have – places of FUBAR in my business. That is entrepreneurship; we sometimes outrun our headlights and make it up later, on the backside.

We created Kahuna Accounting and the Discovery Business Valuation™ program out of my shortcomings and losses. We are sharing these lessons to help entrepreneurs understand where they are today, so they are empowered to discover the clearest path for the future.

Thanks, Entrepreneur.  Blessings!

-Frank F Lunn
CEO & Founder of Kahuna Business Group

P.S. What have you got to lose?  Check out the Discovery Business Valuation™.

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