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Getting Some Perspective Heading into a New Year

By November 14, 2014No Comments

I talked to a great friend yesterday and we had a conversation about mentors and perspective. He is very good at helping people get to the “Why” of whatever they are doing.

We talked about how easy it is to get caught in the day-to-day, and how when that happens its much easier to make stupid mistakes.

We agreed that every entrepreneur needs to hire a CPO. That is – a Chief Perspective Officer.

As an entrepreneur you have to balance this. You have to have a big picture perspective, but at the same time, you are usually the one who has to get work done every day. You have to make things happen to keep the business moving.

The best thing we can do is work as hard as possible, but have occasional times with mentors or peers who help us get out and have some perspective.

This is one reason I love heading into a new year. As we rapidly approach the end of November, we are very soon to blur through some holidays, travel, lots of food and then wake up and it will be 2015. A new year.

The reason I love a new year is because it usually serves as a great time to reflect. I think about the past year and I think about big picture things like what I want to happen in the coming year.

As an entrepreneur, this can serve as a great time to help get that bigger view and perspective. Not only in re-evaluating your business as a whole, but even to look at the systems you are using.

For this exact reason, Kahuna Accounting is offering a Fresh Start 2015 package to entrepreneurs who want to revamp their bookkeeping heading into the new year.

We know how busy entrepreneurs are. and we know how difficult it is to stop what you are doing and even think about making a change in your process.

That’s why we are taking the pain out of the transition. Read more here about how we can help your business have a clean, fresh start with bookkeeping heading into 2015.

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