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It’s rare that someone gets all their wealth at once. Instead, wealth is something that is grown over time, and it flourishes when you put more of your focus on nurturing it.

Marketing your business online isn’t so much different.

Like wealth, an effective marketing strategy is something that is planted and grown over time. When you put your care and attention into it, it flourishes. If you keep it up, it bears fruit for your business for years to come.

Interested in how it works? While the growth plan above covers a whole year of strategy, check out what the first six months of marketing growth could look like for you.

Step 1: Planting the Seed

If your website is outdated, inflexible, or doesn’t give you the tools you need to attract your best potential clients, then it’s just a waste of your—and your visitors’—time and energy. Instead, you need to start with a website that can be a healthy, viable seed for growth.

Your online audience is always only a click away from your competitors, so your website needs to attract, engage, and entertain. A truly effective website looks great but also gives you the power to add supporting content, highlight the personality of your business, make changes on the fly, launch new campaigns, and capture the leads that reach out to you. It should be built not just to attract your best potential clients, but to convert them into paying clients.

Step 2: Putting Out the Bait

A tree won’t bear fruit without the right kinds of pollinators, and your marketing won’t grow your business without the right kinds of leads. Once your website has launched, the next few months should be focused on putting out the bait to attract your “perfect clients”—the customers and clients that represent exactly the kinds of people you want to be working with.

In digital marketing, this means creating content—articles, blogs, FAQs, landing pages, outreach emails, follow-up campaigns, and more. You want to stock up your website with irresistible, relevant content focused on your “perfect clients.”

This isn’t optional! Well-written content that speaks to your perfect clients’ needs is the juice that attracts more clients to your business, and it’s part of what makes Google recognize that your pages should rise to the top.

This is also the time to start reaching out to your email list to tell them about what’s new!

Step 3: Creating a Buzz and Building on Your Success

Around 5 or 6 months after initiating a growth plan, you should be seeing slow-but-steady, month-over-month increases in both the traffic to your website and bites from prospective clients. You might already have clients coming in from your website, and your initial flurry of content should be slowing down to a more sustainable long-term routine. Now is the time to start ramping up the buzz you’re already generating.

Exercise your creativity here, and think about what will bridge the remaining gaps between you and your best potential clients:

  • Do you have ideas for videos that will make your written content come alive?
  • Can you connect with your potential clients on social media?
  • Do you have books, guides, and other offers that reinforce your expertise?
  • What kinds of campaigns and little touches will make you stand out from your competitors?
  • How can you improve your ratings and reviews on outside websites?
  • How can you get more serious about your SEO strategy?

Think of these tweaks and additions as the fertilizer that keeps fresh nutrients at your marketing roots!

Have You Abandoned the Marketing Seeds You’ve Planted?

Marketing isn’t a journey for the faint of heart. It’s something that needs to be nurtured, maintained, and truly grown—just like your financial success. If you’re not using the tools available to keep that engine running smoothly, then you’re not getting the results you should be getting from your efforts.

Need the motivation to market your business better? Grab our marketing growth plan, or get a snapshot of your current website’s performance with an FWM analysis.

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