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How Working with a Financial Team Can Grow Your Business


Stop Wasting Time

As an Entrepreneur, you only have so much time. You need to spend time on your strengths and high value activities, not accounting.

Gain Clarity in Your Business

Entrepreneurship is all about leadership and decision-making. When you see the big picture view of your business, you can make informed decisions.

Look Forward not Backward

When you do bookkeeping yourself, you always have to ask, “It is right?” No need to worry anymore. Our professional, experienced accounting team will work alongside you to help you look forward.


Trusted by Big Kahunas All Over the U.S.



“Finding Kahuna Accounting was a game changer when it came to managing our growing startup’s books. I feel more in control of my finances than ever before and they take all the time in the world to ensure founders like me understand the right way to go about their financials. Thanks to Cheryl and the team for the best accounting experience I have ever had in 10+ years of being an entrepreneur!” – Russ Perry

Russ Perry, Design Pickle

Kahuna is an incredible team to work with – they’re friendly, prompt and they know their stuff! The peace of mind we get from knowing someone has our back when it comes to accounting is truly priceless.

Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur on Fire

“Kahuna does my accounting and bookkeeping and provides me with monthly financial statements so I can see the health of my business…How awesome is that? I’d say, pretty darn awesome.”
Josh Brown, Indy Franchise Law


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