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How Lawyers Used Technology in 2014

By December 30, 2014No Comments

The American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center recently published their year-end recap of how law firms used technology.

Clio has a great wrap up of the information provided, and we’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Cloud tools are continuing to rise in all of business, and make a lot of sense – especially for the solo and small firm attorneys who are trying to keep costs down but efficiency up.

Cloud tools are our world here at Kahuna and they have made all the difference. Using Xero as our accounting backbone allows for mobility, real-time insight and incredible collaboration with our clients all over the country.

We have experienced first-hand the power of cloud technology for our clients. A majority of those we work with are using Clio and integrating it with Xero with Kahuna as the cloud integrator and back-end bookkeeper.

Prior to the cloud, a powerful, professional system like that would never be an option without spending a massive amount of money.

What about you? Have you transitioned part of your business to the cloud? Chances are you have, even if you think you haven’t. Are you interested in learning more about how to maximize technology to get more out of your time?

Maybe cloud accounting is the next step for you. If you’re thinking about it, the start of a new year is the perfect time to consider your options. We’d love to talk about it.

Check out how the cloud allows us to serve our clients here.

And for a helpful look at how cloud accounting works, check out this guide.

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