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What separates goal achievers and the dreamers who never get out of neutral?

What allows some people to accomplish fantastic endeavors even through tremendous struggle while overcoming tremendous adversity?

In the study of successful men and women throughout the ages, one theme is constant. Each possessed, from their earliest childhood recollection, a great desire coupled with a clearly envisioned destination for their life. They held a clear view of their life’s purpose; their compelling destiny. Destiny at first blush may seem a fancy power word. At the core, a destination is where you want to go.

Setting a destination for your life is working to predetermine your destiny.

Compelling Why?

One of the most important success factors is to ensure you have a strong enough “why” to initially create and then to sustain the action. It is critical to have a compelling and dynamic destination.

Your “whys” need to answer compelling questions to sustain your activities. Is this really important to me? Am I willing to make the sacrifices for this destination? What kind of investment in time, money and frustration am I willing to expend? Am I really serious about this endeavor or is this just a wish?

Without a compelling enough “why” the first resistance en-route to your destination shuts you down and forces you to reassess your initial desire for your goal.

This is why so many people set and fail on their New Year’s resolution. It sounds great and even compelling when the words leave your mouth announcing the intent to quit smoking, lose weight, work less, exercise more, etc. Yet when the first real challenge comes and the first test of motive arrives, the exclamation point of the goal withers into a period and then ultimately dies as a question mark. Do I really want to get up early and exercise? Do I really even need to give up my food desires? Does it really matter if I smoke?

Most people have a low resolve and lack the strong enough motivation to carry them through the difficult periods. Successful people find a bridge to cross the chasm of difficulties and challenges and span the gap with the realization that their dreams on the other side are worth the efforts.

It is important to assess your own motivation. Strong motivation can produce astounding results. Men and women have climbed the highest mountains, we have explored space, people go to school for years for their professional endeavors, businesses are started, etc., all with enough motivation.

Lack of motivation has left countless people living lackluster lives of average mediocrity short of their true desires.

The Other Side of “Why”

Start asking yourself WHY? Ask it about everything like a 5-year-old with a desire to know more.

Why do you do the work you do? Why are you in the situation you are in? Are you where you chose to be or have you been swept away with the current of momentum?

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months then years and suddenly you are where you are. Why do certain people not seem to like you? Why do you have a difficult time staying focused on one task at a time? This is not psychobabble. This is a rational approach to understanding fully where you are and gaining a complete accounting of your assets and liabilities.

Vision creates a picture in your mind or in the minds of others to assist in the compelling aspect of your destination. People with vision do not have the ability to see the future, but rather the ability to accurately assess the current situation and set about conditions or changes to make their own path to the future.

Vision is also about being adaptable and relating the normally unrelated. Successful people are innovators with their current situation. Many times genius is not so much about creating something completely new as it is adapting something existing for a current benefit.

This innovation and vision is available in your life as well. Vision is an instrumental tool for creating and sustaining motivation.

Without the ability to imagine your future in vivid detail you will lack the necessary underlying drive to maintain on your goals. Without this determination your objectives seem to diminish in desire and your journey is stifled.

All of this is part of planning and setting your own course for your life.

This post is an excerpt from the book Stack the Logs! written by Kahuna Business Group’s Founder/ CEO Frank F. Lunn.

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