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How to Fix Your Broken Website

By September 15, 2014No Comments

As an attorney, you have a lot of things to think about, but at the top of the list is finding and attracting new clients. And first impressions are a huge component in compelling prospects into potential clients.

Most importantly, it’s pretty common to make an unimpressive first impression with a confusing, ugly or broken website. But where do you start in making more powerful first impressions on the web?

We want to help.

“A good law firm website doesn’t just happen. Even if you hire a great developer and your site looks good, you may still not get the traffic and clients you expected. This can be for a number of reasons including design aesthetics, content, and layout. We’re going to address different elements of your firm’s website that might prevent you from getting more clients via the web.”

These words come from Andrew Cabasso of JurisPage, who helps entrepreneurial law firms get more out of their websites.

Andrew wrote a huge post at Clio last week that provides deep insight into improving a website, and some actionable steps so you can see results immediately.

And if you want some even better news – Andrew will be joining Kahuna in just two weeks to share his insights on a live webinar to help you fix your website! Check it out here.

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