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Clarity in Your Business Financials, Without the Accounting Headache

If you are a growth-minded entrepreneur you are probably frustrated by your financial system. Your numbers come to you and look backward and don’t connect with your big vision and goals.

In working with hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the country to simplify their financials and help them grow, we’ve realized that most businesses are in the dark about where the business truly stands financially and are typically frustrated and bogged down in details, especially at tax time.

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An Accounting System to Drive You Towards Your Goals

Most accounting firms are started by accountants. The problem is accountants and entrepreneurs don’t often speak the same language. At Kahuna, we’re built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We have surrounded ourselves with top-notch accounting talent and the best technology and the end-result is an efficient, reliable accounting system built specifically for the growth-minded entrepreneur.

Here’s what happens when you work with us

  • Your reconciliations and categorizations go on autopilot without data entry.
  • Real-time financial insight for proactive decision-making.
  • See the business at 10,000 foot view to make better decisions.
  • Stay one step ahead of challenges and opportunities, because you’re looking forward.
  • Work with a partner who gets entrepreneurs and will grow with you.

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With the Right Partner You Can Completely Change The Trajectory of Your Business

This Process is built from our own frustration with accounting and is completely aligned with business builders

Clarity in Your Business

When you look backward, you can’t make proactive decisions. With our system, you’ll lock in on the key drivers and spend your time intentionally.

Take More Money Home

Generating excess cash flow is the key to business. Our team will help you keep more of what you make and identify levers for additional cash flow

Build and Grow Your Legacy

Entrepreneurs are looking backward, and are therefore stuck in the day-to-day. With our team you’ll be able to think big about what you really want.

Want to Work with Kahuna Accounting?

Listen, we want to be clear that we are not for everybody. We love entrepreneurs and helping them grow. Our system is to automate and simplify the bookkeeping and provide insight to help the business grow.

This typically works best for businesses that are rapidly growing and craving a deeper insight into their business.

If you are more status quo, or looking for the lowest cost way to just have financials for a CPA we are probably not going to be right for each other.

But if you are tired of looking backward, and wondering where you stand. If you want to do big things and be a better leader and owner of your business.

If you are ready to take control of your results and build the business you had in mind when you started, we’d love to partner with you to make it happen.

All you have to do to start is fill out the form on this page and we will do a quick assessment on what a good next step would be for your particular situation.


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