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The premier financial solution for Illinois attorneys


Our professionals take bookkeeping off your plate

As a professional, you understand the importance of finding premier solutions for your law firm.

Kahuna Accounting, an Illinois based accounting and bookkeeping group is proud to partner with IICLE to help attorneys create a game plan for their practices with better financial visibility.

As an attorney, you have so many things to focus on. Let us take bookkeeping off your plate.

How Kahuna Serves Law Firms


We Handle Bookkeeping so Attorneys Can Focus on their Practice


As an attorney, bookkeeping is one of the last things you want to be doing. It is a bad use of precious time and you already have too much on your plate. But how do you find professional, reliable help at a reasonable cost?

Kahuna accounting is the solution to this challenge, connecting professional accountants to small and solo firms. We provide the support and systems of a big firm at the cost and flexibility your small firm needs.


How it Works


Full Accounting and Integration Setup

See your entire firm in real time at a glance

The first step in working with Kahuna is our team of professional accountants will provide a full setup into Xero accounting software. No matter what you have been using to this point, our team will seamlessly transition you into our system, and in a few days you’ll be able to see financial reports on the current state of your law firm.


Bank Reconciliations Done For You

You focus on your law firm, we’ll take care of the bank reconciliations

The heart of bookkeeping is reconciling your bank and credit card transactions to the proper categories in your accounting system. It can seem complicated, but your bookkeeping really boils down to two things. Money coming in and money going out.

Money in

When you get paid and money hits your bank account, that transaction will automatically come into our accounting system. The only thing left to do is match the bank transaction to the proper invoice. Your invoices can be created in your time-keeping/billing software, or right out of Xero. Kahuna will find and match the proper invoice to the payment received and the transaction will be reconciled.

If you send an invoice and don’t get paid, we will be able to track it on your dashboard and provide an easy way to follow up on unpaid invoices.

Money out

When you have expenses, the money will also come out of your bank or credit card accounts. All you have to do is take a picture of a receipt or upload the PDF of a bill and our accounting team will match the payment with the proper expense account.

Trust accounts

We provide reconciliation of trust accounts and reports on client trusts so you can have a clean and detailed audit trail to know exactly where funds have gone. We understand the ethical implications of trust accounting and will provide support and guidance in separating earned and unearned fees.


Detailed Financial Reports

Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your Firm

Keeping your books is only part of the process. We want attorneys to be better business-owners, so part of Kahuna’s package is to prepare and provide monthly financial reports, so you can see exactly what is happening with the firm.

Every month, we will send you:

– Balance Sheet
– Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
– Aged Receivables
– Aged Payables


How Kahuna Helps Attorneys Thrive


Save Time

You’ll change nothing in your work flow. If you use Clio or Freshbooks, your invoices will come right into Xero. If you use another tool, you can export a CSV and our team will put it in Xero.

Insight Like Never Before

Kahuna will send you financial reports every month, so you can always know exactly what’s going on with the business of your firm. This will allow you to maximize opportunities and minimize waste.

Stay Connected on the Go

With mobile technology, Kahuna can collaborate and assist you from anywhere in the country. So if your office staff is on vacation or if you’re constantly on the road, we will be there and can provide the collaboration you need.



• Conversion and setup starts at $250
• Monthly subscription is $200 for a solo attorney
• 3 attorney firm package is about $450/month with $500 setup
• Starter packages are available for brand new attorneys
• All packages include the Xero subscription

All pricing depends on a conversation with the prospective client and may change based on volume and workflow.


Kahuna Around the Web


“Accounting and bookkeeping are a pain for lawyers. Now comes Kahuna Accounting to save the day, helping your small firm to outsource your accounting needs.” – Andrew Cabasso, Founder Juris Page

“Like LawPay, Kahuna understands proper management of funds for attorneys, with an easy solution integrating Xero.”
– Amy Porter, CEO LawPay

“Kahuna has created a very affordable and cost-effective way to help solo/small firm lawyers manage their finances.”
– Susan Cartier-Liebel, Solo Practice University

Three Steps to Transforming Your Accounting


1. We’ll Set You Up in Xero

2. Ongoing Reconciliations and Reporting

3. You Focus on Your Practice!



“Kahuna Accounting allows us to focus on what we do best — practice law. They save us time, money and stress because we know they are looking over our shoulder to ensure our books are accurate.”

– Ryan Kalamaya, RKV Law

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kahuna Help With Taxes?

Kahuna Accounting is not a CPA firm, and does not provide tax advice. Because we serve clients across the country, we recommend working with a local CPA for taxes.

However, Kahuna makes tax season much simpler. We help you generate the reports necessary and can provide the means to collaborate with a CPA so they have everything needed for taxes.

Does Kahuna Work With Quickbooks?

Kahuna exclusively works with the Xero platform. If you are on Quickbooks and having challenges we can help you easily transition into Xero where we can provide bookkeeping services and a smooth integration with Clio.

If a client is unwilling to move away from Quickbooks, Kahuna won’t be able to provide assistance.

Do I have to pay for Kahuna and Xero?

No. Kahuna will bundle your subscription and you will only have one invoice. Your Kahuna package includes a Xero subscription.

Do I have a direct contact from Kahuna?

Yes. when you work with Kahuna, you have a direct contact who will be working with you. Any support questions or accounting questions will go through your dedicated Kahuna accountant who will have deep knowledge of Xero, accounting and your business.

Does Kahuna work with my administrative assistant/practice management staff?

Yes. For multi-attorney firms, this is actually the best option to have a single operational point of contact to work with.

Does Kahuna work with my practice consultant?

Yes. Through Xero we can provide viewing access to financials if needed and are happy to provide financial reports to allow the consultant to have greater insight and impact into the firm.

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