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Infusionsoft and Xero Integration: PartnerCon 2015 Video Featuring Kahuna Accounting!

By February 18, 2016No Comments

We’re proud to give testimonials for products we utilize to help grow our business. During Infusionsoft’s PartnerCon 2015, we had the opportunity to talk about the Xero Connect integration with Infusionsoft. This partnership has made providing accounting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs with Infusionsoft seamless. Infusionsoft included Kahuna Accounting’s Andy Peterson and Micky Deming in the above video.

Here are quotes from the video:

“You know, Infusionsoft has always been one of the market leaders in the small-business world for marketing. And it has been incredibly impactful for the leverage of our time and our services so that we can continue to actively communicate and interact with our clients. Bringing that together with a platform such as Xero, providing that, is such a long-term benefit for the end user and those clients.” — Kahuna Accounting’s Andy Peterson

“Xero is very much an automated accounting system, and Infusionsoft is very much an automated marketing system. This integration (Infusionsoft’s integration with Xero) is life-changing for me because it’s my two favorite software packages put together.” — Anyce Grayly of Bookkeepers of Australia

“The team at Infusionsoft created this incredible recipe to be able to look up and see if a company record exists and link that contact to it.” – Kristin Moolman of Revisit Solutions, Ltd.

“As soon as the transactions occur in Infusionsoft, they immediately translate into their Xero account and we can help them provide that insight that they’re desperately seeking to have.” – Andy Peterson, Kahuna Accounting

This video features interviews with: Andy Peterson of Kahuna Accounting, Anyce Grayly of Bookkeepers of Australia, Micky Deming of Kahuna Accounting, and Kristin Moolman of Revisit Solutions, Ltd., recorded at PartnerCon 2015. This video was created and provided by Infusionsoft. For information on Infusionsoft’s PartnerCon, visit:

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