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A question we are asked quite a bit is if Discovery Value NaVigator™ is the same as a Certified Valuation or a Certified Value Appraisal?

The short answer is – no.

Discovery Value NaVigator™ is not about curating a precise or calibrated valuation number, but rather, it is a clarity process. 

That being said, if you need a Certified Valuation, we can do that as part of our toolkit. However, the Discovery Value NaVigator™ program does not serve the same purpose as a CVA. It’s like getting a physical. There are different types of physicals that you can get, and it depends on what your requirements are or what purpose the physical serves.

So you might get a physical just before you start a workout program to understand exactly where you are with your health, your blood pressure, weight, BMI, where you want to go, what is possible, what might be a good plan of action. However, if you are trying to diagnose a specific ailment, you might be referred to Mayo Clinic and have a complete battery of tests including extensive bloodwork, an MRI, a CAT scan, x-rays, and so forth. The cost, time commitment, and output of each of these physicals are on opposite ends of the scale. Again, these two approaches are very different for different reasons and different purposes.

Discovery Value NaVigator™ is a general physical for your business. The information gathered and time to complete is pretty non-invasive. When you get the results, in about two weeks, you have a complete understanding of where you are today and the insight on how to improve where you’re going tomorrow. You are on track with a realistic plan of action.

The true purpose of Discovery Value NaVigator™ is about helping an entrepreneur find something they’ve never really been able to have before, complete clarity!

Discovering clarity for not only the value of your business today but a true understanding of the potential value drivers that are unique, specific to your business, to your niche, your geography, and your goals and ambitions. This clarity translates into intentionality for what you want to do with this advanced information.

The Discovery Value NaVigator™ helps you effectively plan for the future because you understand the things that create and drive value in your business. 

Most entrepreneurs are too busy chasing the tyranny of the urgent to fully comprehend the amazing value of what this clarity and intentionality can bring. A Discovery business valuation is a snapshot of where you are now. Once you understand what is in your control that creates value, then you can incorporate it into your planning so that you maximize the value of your business, for the foundation of your wealth.

Your return on investment could be huge. So huge we’ve got the number down to a science.

How does a 266.67x return on investment sound to you, Entrepreneur? As awesome as we know that is, what if you improved to 363.64% — or even more?

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