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Is Your Business At-Risk for a Rain Delay?

By September 19, 2016No Comments

By Michael Luchies

“Match Delayed Due to Adverse Weather Conditions” was the message to fans on the big screen as rain followed by hail fell on the two teams playing in a soccer tournament I was casually watching this past week.

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What I found especially interesting about this stoppage, is that in soccer the clock keeps on running. Sure, they will try to add extra time on the clock after the standard 90 minutes are over (stoppage time), but there aren’t any time outs and even this delay doesn’t stop the clock.

Call me a dork or sucker for analogies (both are probably true), but I couldn’t help but apply this situation to my own business and the small businesses I’m able to work with. The clock is always running and rain is inevitable, so how are you going to prepare for and handle an imminent downpour?

The ref stopped play and motioned for both teams to go into the tunnel in the side of the stadium. Northern Ireland, who was playing Ukraine in the match, were pleading with the referee not to stop the game. They had a 1-0 lead, had all of the momentum, and didn’t seem to mind the ice cubes falling from above.

The television cameras followed the players as they went into the tunnel. The Ukraine players started taking off their shirts and ringing out the rain. They were not ready for storm and it showed.

Northern Ireland remained determined, and when the match resumed, they scored another goal and went on to win their first ever game in the UEFA EURO Cup.

When it starts to pour on your business, and it will, are you protected enough to keep it from stopping your growth?

Will you take off your shirt and try to get rid of all of the water you’re worried about holding you down, or will you embrace it and get back out there to finish the game and accomplish your goals?

How To Rain Delay Proof Your Business

Rain WindowRain delays don’t stop the clock, but they can set you back. You can rain delay proof your business by being prepared and not falling behind in the important areas of your business.

As an accounting company, Kahuna Accounting commonly sees bookkeeping as an aspect of business that entrepreneurs let get behind. When it rains (tax time, when you need a loan, when you’re required to pull financial reports), if you aren’t prepared you have to stop everything else you’re doing just to address this issue before being able to move forward.

By keeping up with tasks you need to do for your business, you can be rain delay proof. But, this often requires getting outside help, because it’s difficult to grow a large business and weather storms all by yourself.

Put trusted people in places where they can manage and maintain important parts of your business (bookkeeping, administrative duties, incoming calls, etc.) so you are free to fight the storm and get back on the field.

See How Kahuna Can Help You Weather Financial Storms

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