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Kahuna Accounting and Peggy Gruenke Team Up for 30-Day Course for Solo Attorneys

By October 27, 2014No Comments

What is it?

A 30-day course beginning in November and carrying through the first week of December. Sign ups close November 15.

The course will provide training, resources and tools to help solo attorneys create a marketing and financial plan for 2015.


At Kahuna Accounting, we work with entrepreneurs all the time who need help with bookkeeping because their current situation has become a mess. Either because they haven’t been able to keep up, or because it was never set up correctly, or because they have simply outgrown their capabilities, things have gotten messy and they come to us for help getting on track.

That’s fine, but wouldn’t it be better to have a plan in place to get everything on track before it became a mess?

That was the thought process behind the course. To provide entrepreneurial attorneys a game plan for understanding where they are and where they want to go. And we thought there would be no better time to revisit the systems in a firm, then at the start of the year.


So we brought in Peggy Gruenke who specializes in helping small law firms set up business plans, marketing plans and financial projections.

We asked her to take her knowledge and tools and distill them down into a quick, actionable 30-day course that would equip solo attorneys to leave the course with a plan of action for a successful 2015.


The course will start the first week of November.

Once you start, you will receive one lesson per week via email, and two live implementation webinars where we can walk you through the tools and processes shared in the course.

You can sign up now by heading to the course page.


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