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At Kahuna Accounting, we have grown rapidly in the few years since we’ve launched our cloud accounting business. And while Xero has served as the software backbone allowing us to do the accounting for our hundreds of clients across the country, Infusionsoft has been our engine to fuel the growth.

We started using Infusionsoft over two years ago and now it’s the software we use for email campaigns, marketing automation and to bring new clients from payment through onboarding.

As heavy users of Infusionsoft and Xero, we were excited to hear about the progress in Infusionsoft’s accounting integration with Workato. We adopted the integration for our own practice and have also implemented it for our clients using Infusionsoft.

Now we’re leveraging two powerful systems together. We wrote about the impact this has for a business over at Workato’s blog, but this point is primarily the key:

A business can definitely trap you when so much relies on you. But, technology and automation make it very possible to get out of the trap.

Your marketing and sales and your accounting are the backbone of your business. By getting a handle on these systems and automating, you can take a 10,000 foot view of your business and plan for true, long-term growth.

Without a system in place, you are surviving. You are chasing sales, only looking one month at a time and waiting until the end of the quarter or year to see how you did.

With strong systems in place, you can look at the present moment and look ahead.

And when you are able to look ahead, you are able to focus on growth and what it means. (See the full post here)

How Kahuna is Leading the Way

Leading the WayThis integration is extremely powerful and as an entrepreneur it makes a lot of sense to have Infusionsoft and Xero connected. At Kahuna, we are looking for entrepreneurs and Infusionsoft Partners who are eager to try this out, so we can help.

Our team understands both systems well and our goal is to help seamlessly integrate the systems for greater efficiency and greater financial visibility in the business.

If you are an Infusionsoft user and are interested in finding out more about this integration and how we can help, we’ll be doing a webinar this week with Infusionsoft. You can see the details here.

Or, get a head start by putting the right accounting system in place with Kahuna Accounting starting today!

See how Kahuna can grow your business with Infusionsoft Accounting

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