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Entrepreneurship can be a lonely calling.

You push. You hustle. You grind. You sweat.

Things go wrong. You fix them and something else goes wrong. You keep looking forward and keep moving.

In all of it, you aren’t looking for someone to pat you on the back, but you often wonder if anyone is noticing all this work.

At Kahuna Accounting, we are grateful to serve entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs too. In many ways, we are going through the same challenges and have similar goals as the clients we serve. We’re all trying to grow and make a difference.

As we build this business, our focus is fixed on entrepreneurship and in helping entrepreneurs achieve victory.

“We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve!”

But with that as the focus, sometimes we wonder if there is anyone who notices or cares about the work we are putting in.

That’s why it was an extreme honor and humbling experience to be recognized as Xero’s Accounting Partner of the Year at the annual Xerocon conference in San Francisco.


This award is meaningful, not only because of the feeling of recognition but because we look at this as a victory for entrepreneurship.

Our journey has been anything but smooth. We’ve made our share of mistakes and are still learning every single day. We are doing the same exact thing the hundreds of entrepreneurs we work with every day around the country are doing. Striving to get better and do meaningful work.

We hope our victory is an inspiration to those we serve as a symbol of our commitment to this journey of growth and entrepreneurship.

We are very grateful for Xero’s partnership and the support they have always provided to us. Most of all, we are grateful for their continual innovation and being best in class for accounting software.

We are motivated to be the same in the world of virtual accounting for entrepreneurs. We want to continue to push entrepreneurship forward. We are committed to more victories and more growth.

Ultimately, we want to see a community and ecosystem of entrepreneurship where meaningful services are provided and employees have purposeful work. That’s what entrepreneurship brings.

This win doesn’t change anything for us, but it’s a great reminder of this mission we are on of “serving entrepreneurs and business builders on their entrepreneurial journey in life, business & legacy.” (Our mission statement)


Kahuna’s Accounting Manager Carin-Weiss Krolikowski on stage to accept the Xero Accounting Partner of the Year Award with Xero’s U.s. President Russ Fujioka and Kahuna Business Group CEO Frank Lunn


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