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Kahuna Accounting Welcomes Accountant Kevin Lindsay to the Team

By February 1, 2016February 3rd, 2016No Comments

We’re very thankful to be able to add another fantastic cloud accountant to the Kahuna Accounting Team. In January, we added accountant Kevin Lindsay to the team. Kevin and his wife recently moved to the area from Bethlehem, PA.

To get to know Kevin a little better and to introduce him to our clients and blog readers, we asked him a few questions.

Why did you decide to be an accountant?

“I have always had a natural aptitude for numbers and patterns, and with every job I took, I just kept getting closer and closer to walking down the accounting path as it really allowed me to best use my natural talents.”

Is accounting exciting to you? If so, why?

“Accounting is exciting because it is like a game of Guess Who? But instead of asking “Does he have a moustache?” you get to look at numbers and discover where they belong. You have to match the limited information you get from bank statements to another side and develop a picture so you can find out that it was Herman (Guess who character) all along.”

What’s your favorite aspect of accounting?

guesswho-old“The detective work. There will always be issues that will need to be corrected and there will always be questions that need to be answered. There are ways to correct any mistake if you spend the time looking at an account and working to make it perfect. And really doing that digging helps everyone find clarity.”

What interests you about joining the Kahuna Accounting team?

“Kahuna Accounting just seems like a great team of people who take pride in their work and really look to develop relationships with their clients. Everyone really wants their clients to succeed and to have a great picture of how their business is doing.”

What interests you in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs on their accounting?

“Having been in banking, I have an exposure to seeing the cash side that small businesses deal with. I was able to see the daily ins and outs many small business customers faced with their accounts. And it allowed me to see the value and importance of businesses having someone they can rely on to help keep track of things. In addition to my experience in banking, I grew up on a small family farm where my dad had to be his own bookkeeper, which gave helping small businesses with accounting a special meaning to me.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“My wife and my cat are the two most important things in my life. And they are wonderful, as they always provide me a way to recharge when I am not at work. This allows me to give all I can when I am working to help clients achieve their goals.”

Welcome to the team Kevin!


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