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Frank Lunn, Kahuna Business Group Founder, joined attorney and Indy Franchise Law Founder Josh Brown on the Franchise Euphoria Podcast to talk about “learning, living, and sharing the entrepreneurial journey.”

Two years ago, Kahuna Business Group created Kahuna Accounting to provide virtual accounting and bookkeeping services to entrepreneurs like Josh Brown, who is a passionate client of Kahuna Accounting. “We are a virtual accounting team, and we can provide more horsepower and scalability for a smaller investment,” Frank said of Kahuna Accounting.

Josh Brown is happy with the clarity that Kahuna Accounting provides him and his business, but his business didn’t begin with clear and balanced bookkeeping. “When I first started my firm, it was the end of the year and I had to turn in my accounting. I didn’t even realize it only focused on the expense side of the accounting. It was a total cluster and cost me a tremendous amount of money,” said Brown.

Many entrepreneurs experience issues with the financial side of their business because their skills and passions lie in different areas of their business. While entrepreneurship is challenging, Frank doesn’t think all areas of a business have to be hard. “Challenging doesn’t always have to be difficult…All accounting is, is learning how to keep score,” Frank said. Proper accounting helps a business know exactly where it stands and what it needs to do financially to reach its goals.

In addition to talking about his journey as an entrepreneur and the evolution of Kahuna Business Group, Frank announced a new arm of the business. “We’re getting ready in the next week to launch TREPX Accounting, which helps the entrepreneur who doesn’t need a lot but isn’t making a ton of money right now either. They are looking to ramp up and become big.”

Brown is very thankful for his relationship with Kahuna. “You guys have been one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.” Although Kahuna focuses on the business side of an entrepreneur’s finances, having proper bookkeeping in place does impact personal finances as well. “My wife and I were looking at a house. We needed to get the financials from my business very, very quickly. Without Kahuna, we wouldn’t have been able to do it,” Brown said.

Kahuna Accounting is very thankful to have a leader like Frank Lunn and amazing clients like Josh Brown who are happy to share their experience with Kahuna with others.
Listen to the full interview between Josh Brown and Frank Lunn on the Franchise Euphoria Podcast here.

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