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This week in the Kahuna Accounting Weekly Newsletter, we discussed differentiating your business in five different ways. Here is the full post:

The specific makeup of your product or service is hardly the only thing a potential customer considers when making a purchasing decision. In today’s marketplace, everything matters. Luckily, there are many ways to reach potential customers and to differentiate our businesses from the tens, hundreds, or even thousands of competitors. We’d all like to think that making the best product or service on the market is more than enough, but you have to put more into your messaging and marketing than simply hoping you’ll magically have raving fans that will sell your products for you without any help.

Our Senior Cloud Accountant, Ryan Oltman, was featured in Hubdoc’s list of the top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America. We’re very proud to have Ryan on our team, but the reason we’re bringing this to your attention is not because of his inclusion on the list, but Hubdoc’s savvy marketing efforts to promote current and potential clients of their data entry eliminating process of converting information into well-presented statements.

As we continue to grow Kahuna Accounting, we have created what we feel is a better solution for entrepreneurial bookkeeping, but we’ve also brought in content and marketing experts, journalists, and entrepreneurs to help us present information in unique ways and to stand out above other providers. To help your business, we’ve compiled a short list of 5 easy ways to differentiate your business.

Understand the market

  • Create and Share Valuable Information on Your Area of Expertise: Every entrepreneur and business has valuable information that can benefit customers. While some businesses withhold all of their knowledge to keep as internal resources, others use that to educate customers and connect with prospects. We firmly believe in providing free guides, resources, and information to anyone who needs it, whether they’re a customer of Kahuna or not. We recently started the Accounting Clarity for Entrepreneurs series, which we will take one question from our clients each week and create a tutorial on YouTube and publish as a blog post. See our first tutorial here.
  • Highlight Partners or Like-Minded Businesses: What Hubdoc did with their 50 Top Accountants list is gain the attention and interest of all 50 companies they highlighted, opening new doors and finding ways to get social media mentions that can expand their brand. Kahuna Accounting, through the TREPX Group, has a podcast that highlights entrepreneurs and shares their stories and tips to other business owners. These are just a couple of the ways you can highlight others while benefitting both of your brands.
  • Dominate a Social Channel: Despite popular belief, you don’t have to spend dozens of hours on every social network to grow your business, but to differentiate yourself and your company, you need to develop a strong voice on at least one of the networks that reaches your target audience. Kahuna focused on LinkedIn and we’ve been able to find new clients, new partners, and hundreds of leads just from focusing on being active and engaging with thought leaders in entrepreneurship and accounting. Focus your efforts on being better than your competition in one area rather than trying to dominate on all social networks, which is difficult if not impossible without unlimited resources.
  • Involve Your Entire Team in Messaging Efforts: One of our newest efforts is to involve all the members of our team in some way in our messaging and marketing efforts. Not only are they now aware of why and what we’re doing, they are in active part in those efforts and can help us ideate and execute these efforts. For example, the idea for the tutorial mentioned above came from one of our accountants. Kahuna Marketing Director Micky Deming then created the short video. He passed it on to Michael Luchies, one of our content managers, who transcribed the video, and wrote a blog post for it. Then Tammy, part of the leadership team and head of HR, edited the post. It may seem like a lot of moving parts, and there are, but we have already received three new ideas from the accounting team just because of this one post, and the video is already ranking on searches within Google. Get your team involved!
  • Ask Your Friends: Not everything you do in terms of marketing should be coming directly from your website, blog or email list. You need to get your face and brand out there to tap into other networks. We have asked partners and friends for recommendations of podcasts, webinars, and blogs that may benefit from our involvement. By participating in content hosted by another business, you increase your potential exposure by reaching a different group of people and strengthen your relationship with the person or business who is hosting the podcast or writing the blog. Start by seeing who in your network has a blog or podcast and ask if they would consider having you contribute.

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