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Kahuna Navigator Approach

Because Business is NOT Static, Dynamic Navigation is imperative!

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Empowering Exponential Entrepreneurship!

Kahuna’s Navigator approach is different from any other advisory framework or process.

As an Entrepreneur (business or professional practice owner), you have unique challenges and struggles. The bigger your dreams and ambition brings an increase in difficulties & complexity.

Oftentimes, the bigger challenge is the isolation as the entrepreneurial leader with the world on your shoulders. The journey of entrepreneurship and building a business of significance is both awesome and awful. Sometimes at the same time.

You might have a supportive family, an awesome team, knowledgeable advisors, solid vendors, inspiring peers, and other resources who all provide value. And still, you know in your gut it all falls on your shoulders. You might be surrounded by people all the time yet feel isolated.

You have both high confidence in where you are and where you are going as well as a knot in your gut. You just feel things aren’t exactly right – or exactly where you think you should be. There’s no one you can really talk to who has full context, yet no agenda.

It’s difficult to separate the signal from the noise. You find yourself with either little to no information, information without context, or simply too much coming in too fast. All this is sub-optimal and makes it difficult to plan and make good business decisions.

Some entrepreneurs ignore the pain and suffer through alone. Some seek “guru” consultants or expert advisors to help with tactical issues but miss the bigger strategic picture.

We get it. You’re NOT alone. We’ve experienced this unique and frustrating challenge ourselves and what led to our Navigator approach. Neither above you or below you, but aligned alongside.

Changing the Approach to

Empower Exponential Entrepreneurship

All entrepreneurs are business owners. But NOT all business owners are entrepreneurs – let alone exponential entrepreneurs.

Exponential entrepreneurs have ambition to build a business or professional practice beyond a simply a job they own. You have a level of creative ambition for not only financial and monetary increase, but also for an exponential increase in every area of your life.

Every business is dynamic on multiple levels and on many fronts. The reality of the changing economy and business environment is the reality of dealing with compound complexity.

You can’t ignore it and you can’t fight it. Our navigator approach is to help you SURF it.

With a name like “Kahuna” we understand dynamic and dealing with the waves of change in entrepreneurship.

Our goal is NOT to be your guru or the “Big Kahuna”– it’s actually the exact opposite…empowering YOU to #BYOBK:

Be Your Own Big Kahuna – “Your World. Your Wave!”

Your business is unique with unique systems, people, clients, challenges, and opportunities.

Information into Insight – Insight into Strategy – Strategy into Action

Our Navigator approach enhances YOUR power and YOUR control. Armed with better information and insight YOU make better and faster decisions. Empowering Exponential Entrepreneurship keeps YOU in control.

NOT your normal CFO / Consultant / Guru

Entrepreneurship is NOT about finding average or seeking status quo. We believe in breaking the standard model to empower exponential…YOUR exponential entrepreneurship.

Kahuna Navigator it is easier to compare and contrast to various traits.

instead of
instead of
instead of
talking at YOU
Your journey
instead of
our titles or certificates
instead of
Wing man
instead of
instead of
status quo-er
Personal achievement
instead of
instead of
static and noise
instead of
Empowering questions
instead of
telling and directing

Collaboration is a Mindset

Navigator is uniquely positioned as part of the entrepreneur’s trusted advisory team. On your team, yet outside your team to give you a balanced perspective and broader vision.

We’ll help you identify and prioritize sub-optimal and what’s not working, but we’re not seeking to replace existing trusted relationships. Our systems, solutions and services focus on the outcome for you as the business owner.

Navigator is a dynamic approach to magnify and multiply what’s effective and working.

We maximize efficiency and optimization for your existing team, vendors, coaches, consultants, and other trusted professional advisors. Our focus is to help you reduce complexity to maximize strategic financial clarity.

“We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve. “

Our Navigator process might reveal areas of inefficiency or sub-optimal you might want to improve or change. All decisions are yours as the owner. Your priorities and objectives are our priorities and objectives.

We exist to support you as an outside and aligned catalyst to amplify, support and empower YOU on YOUR journey of exponential entrepreneurship.

Navigator is NOT:

  • the latest coolest tactics
  • being your guru
  • being a CFO
  • providing legal advice
  • providing tax advice
  • tax strategy

We are a collaborating peer for contextual advisory without compromising you as an owner. We uniquely provide a slightly different viewpoint and perspective to you as the business owner. We understand the challenges you are facing and provide a network of entrepreneurial support.

Empowering Your Exponential Entrepreneurial

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Ambition

⇒What was your big dream and vision when you started on this entrepreneurial journey?

⇒What was your initial motivation and driving ambition giving you power to overcome the gravity of status quo?

⇒What was your passion allowing you to take on the risks of an uncharted path for being an entrepreneur and starting your business/professional practice?

The reality – is most likely mash-up including elements of ALL these!

  • Earn more? Have more control? More flexibility?
  • Create and Build Something Unique?
  • Time Freedom?
  • Affluence & Big Bucks?
  • Future Wealth?
  • Prestige & Influence?
  • Respect of Family, Peers, Clients, & Team?
  • Freedom to Focus on Your Passion?
  • Make a Difference or Even Change the World?


Now the hard question(s): Are you where you want to be? Are you on track? Are you on an efficient, expedited, and optimized path for achieving what you set out to achieve?

If not, how do you regain control of your vision and get back on track to achieving your vision, mission, goals?

Is Kahuna Navigator right for you?

Consider using Kahuna as your Navigator to:

  • Understand problems, challenges, and priorities.
  • Explore / brainstorm options
  • Scenario planning
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Provide a place for safe venting, discernment, and accountability.

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