Kahuna Navigator Approach

Business is NOT Static, Dynamic Navigation is crucial!

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Kahuna has always lived to Empower Entrepreneurship!

Kahuna Navigator is different from any other framework, process, environment, or ecosystem. The core concept is that entrepreneurs (aka small business owners) run into struggles. They don’t know exactly but have the sense that something is not quite right. Business owners either seek consultants or ignore a challenge altogether. They find themselves with either too much, or no information, and unable to efficiently make a decision.

We’ve encountered and understand this challenge. That’s why we designed the Kahuna Navigator approach.

Commander's intent:

Let’s Change How We

Approach Entrepreneurship

With a name like Kahuna, relating to ships or airplanes is natural. Every business is dynamic in nature. We compliment the business owner and expect them to always be in charge. We support business owners to help them evaluate their own unique, systems and challenges. Much like any airliner or ship requires navigation, it is for input and information. The decision-making authority is the pilot who is in charge or the owner in this case for business owners. Entrepreneurial owners are still in charge and need to be empowered to make decisions.

Not your normal CFO / Consultant

We believe in respectfully breaking the standard model. Entrepreneurship has never been about status quo, and this has been needed for a very long time.

Kahuna Navigator it is easier to compare and contrast to common business traits.

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talking at YOU
Your journey
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our titles or certificates
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Senior NCO
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Collaboration is a Mindset paradigm.

Many businesses or business owners / entrepreneurs have individuals working for them. Staff who can perform very tactical and required tasks to keep the business running. Often these very skilled individuals believe we are planning to eliminate their position. We do not intend to replace existing staff members. We step outside the business and are slightly elevated to assist the business owner. We ask or surface the questions owners’ sense and often know they are trying to overcome.

If you or one of your staff are looking at any of our assessments, tools, or services wondering about their role. Rest assured! We are not focused on taking anyone’s position!

Our systems, solutions and services are focused on the outcome for the business owner. “We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve. “

In our Navigator process, you as the owner may uncover items your business needs to change. Any change is up to the owner. We amplify and support the business owner to empower their entrepreneurial journey.

Navigator is not just tactics. It is not just being your guru. It is not being a CFO. It is not providing legal advice. It is not providing tax advice. It is not tax strategy.

It is however a collective peer without compromising you as an owner. It is able to give a slightly different approach viewpoint and perspective to the business owner. It is an understanding of the challenges facing owners. It is a support network.