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We Help You (Small Law Firms) Use Accounting as a Business Acceleration Tool to Maximize Growth, Profits, and Value In Your Professional Practice

“Replace Financial Anxiety & Confusion with Confidence & Clarity”

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What Law School Didn’t Teach You

I’m Frank Lunn, CEO of Kahuna Accounting and I need to be candid with you about something.

Your law school *may* have let you down.

Certainly, they taught you a lot about law to help you be a great lawyer. But they probably didn’t teach you the specific business essentials of law practice IOLA / IOLTA Trust Accounting.

As if that wasn’t enough, they probably also failed to fully prepare you for complexities related to IOLTA / IOLA Trust Accounting — including the separate requirements for compliance as you manage Trust Accounts.

And yet, you’re the one held legally and financially responsible for managing — or potentially “mismanaging” sensitive things like Trust/Escrow Accounts and third-party funds!

You know there are big, negative consequences if it goes wrong.  All it takes to “go wrong” is one bounced check. If you bounce a check on your IOLTA / IOLA account, the banks are required to report you. YIKES!

Not only that—there’s a good chance your accountant (or some other advisor) might have let you down by recommending the practice management and practice accounting software you’re currently using (QuickBooks or Xero).

So What Are We Saying?

Well, Is Your Accounting Really Working for You? Does it help you fully optimize your practice to make you money—or is it costing you money only reporting your past transactions and historical data?

We get it. We’ve seen a lot over the years, and we’ve seen it over and over with small law firms, which is why we created our Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ for Lawyers… a quick way to learn where you are, where you are failing, where you are at risk, and what you could be doing better.

To build your ideal practice, you need to know where you’re starting, where you’re going and the best path between these two points. If you don’t know where you are in relation to where you’re going, you will NOT have a clear financial path to follow.

A Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ is just that; it’s an assessment and a great starting point. This process will definitely help you to know where you are starting from — specifically WHAT IS — and WHAT IS NOT working with your accounting.

Having the right answers is important, but it is often more important to start with the right questions.

Kahuna’s Discovery Accounting Assessment review process will equip you with the right questions and guidance you need to make sense of your accounting as a business system.*

*Accounting as a business system delivers better information providing you with clarity and insight so you can consistently make better and more profitable decisions.

An efficient accounting system provides a foundational framework so you can make profitable changes, save money, create meaningful metrics, guide your profit paths… while also ensuring you remain in bar compliance. Simply having QuickBooks, Xero, Clio or other software is NOT an efficient system by itself.

Let’s face it. None of the other business stuff matters if somebody pulled your license for failure to comply with IOLTA / IOLA requirements.

Again, please let me be completely candid. If your accounting is SUBOPTIMAL, then your entire practice – and your profitability – is also SUBOPTIMAL… and might even be at risk!

But it does NOT have to be this way.

In fact, while you are protecting your practice, you can actually convert your accounting system from a confusing, compliance, cost-center into a powerful, professional practice accelerator!


A Small Investment In Your Firm Now – With A Discovery Accounting Assessment™  – Will Specifically Show You:

The inefficiencies in your accounting system that are confusing and not optimized — and that ultimately waste your precious time and cost you money… BIG TIME!

How to prioritize your focus to select the best options to optimize your practice. Perhaps even more than the money, these options can save you precious time (with fewer late nights and weekends at the office!)

The insights you need to “get out of the weeds” with real clarity into the health of your practice. With this assessment, you’ll think more strategically about your finances and financial priorities so you can maximize growth, profits, and the long-term value of your practice.

Business insights gathered from your bookkeeping system such as key performance indicators and financial trends. You’ll uncover where you can reduce expenses while still capitalizing on growth and profit opportunities.

Gain complete clarity with full confidence in your cash flow so there are fewer surprises and fewer worries about how and when payroll and the other bills get paid.

The exact steps you can take TODAY to build a resilient and optimized professional law practice! Follow a proven success formula for a foundation of accurate accounting leading to your firm’s financial freedom!

Invest In Building a Better Practice Now


The Small Law Firm’s Simple Accounting Solution

Isn’t staying competent in your field stressful enough without additional bookkeeping, firm accounting, and Trust Accounting headaches?

Unfortunately, if you don’t pay attention to your accounting, the consequences, as you know, can be catastrophic!

But  here’s the thingthere is a way to be safe!

Wouldn’t you rather be building your firm and practicing law than worrying and handling bookkeeping and accounting details?

So, if you’re anything like the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with, we already know your answer – YES! You want to be a lawyer – NOT a bookkeeper!

ButSuboptimal bookkeeping and accounting could be costing you thousands – possibly tens of thousands of dollars or even more – every year.

What’s worse – you might not even know it… until it’s too late.

. . . Your profits (and profit margins) might be much lower than they should be.

. . . Your practice won’t grow, no matter how many Friday nights you put in (and these are nights you’ll never get back.)

. . . You have more clients and more activity than ever, but you seem to be working harder – and for less.

. . . I could go on, but you know in your gut, it’s true.  Your practice isn’t optimal… (aka it is SUB-Optimal)

You know things should be better… MUCH BETTER… you just can’t quite put your finger on it.  You don’t know how to change it on your own. You need help.


. . . how it will feel knowing exactly where your practice stands financially at any given moment… including right now.

. . . having complete clarity and confidence in where you are, where you are going and how you’re going to get there, as you make vital decisions for your clients and your firm.

I know this sounds technical and boring, but you have no idea how good this really feels until you get consistent access to this kind of accurate information.

Clarity creates confidence.  Imagine not only confidence in your firm’s financial health, but also confidence in your accounting to ensure complete IOLA / IOLTA compliance.

No more guesswork. No more losing sleep at night worrying about the State Bar conducting an investigation because you inadvertently bounced a Trust Account check. (Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen)

. . . having complete peace of mind knowing exactly how much cash you can expect to flow into your practice over the next six months—without having to make wild estimates or scramble to cover payroll and other expenses.

Would this make your life better, simpler, calmer?

. . . more time to focus on your practice, representing your clients, and spending weekends with your family, friends, and hobbies.

This is just some of what you’ll get with our Discovery Accounting Assessment ™  for Lawyers.

This may sound like a bold claim, but we know, despite being a great lawyer with a great practice on the surface… there’s a high probability SUBOPTIMAL accounting is holding you back.

We admit, this IS a BOLD claim. But it’s based on years of working with hundreds of clients… specifically working with attorneys, small law firms and their IOLTA / IOLA accounts.

Take control TODAY with our NO-RISK | 100%-Guarantee when you purchase a:

Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ For Lawyers

Invest In Your Discovery Accounting Assessment Now

But wait there is more… if you’re not quite sure yet, please keep reading.

With a Discovery Accounting Assessment For Lawyers, our team at Kahuna Accounting – with extensive experience in law firm and Trust Accounting – will provide a comprehensive review and assessment of the following:

      • A quick health check of your accounting system (this is strictly for QuickBooks Online/Xero subscribers), processes, and practices (Clio) for accuracy and efficiency – a foundation to profitability and building your ideal firm.
      • A review and re-calibration of your Chart of Accounts and your IOLTA / IOLA Trust Accounts – sounds boring, but it’s essential to ensuring you’re in complete legal compliance (and not worried about losing your license).
      • A deeper understanding of your cash flow and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) –essential to a healthy, profitable practice and to future growth.
    • Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Report, with a list of possible anomalies, if any, to address (and lets face it, no one wants anomalies when it comes to accounting!) Likewise, where there are positive and possible questionable items, you will know these as well. Knowing allows you to proactively engage with your team to affirm or ask better questions to better understand your financial health.
    • A forward-focused six-month snapshot of your cash flow. No business thrives without understanding and controlling healthy cash flow – in fact, many fail because they don’t! This snapshot gives you back control and the opportunity to plan if issues arise.
    • A complete, comprehensive, and ACTIONABLE Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Report For Lawyers – Whether or not you ever decide to work with Kahuna, this is YOUR report. It is completely portable – either to use in house or to provide to an outside advisor.  With this report, you’re more informed to proactively manage your firm.
    • A unique, personalized, and sharable walk-through companion video customized specifically for YOUR report – Our Accounting NaVigator will explain exactly how your financials were assessed and what is important for you to know. We’ll provide you with specific guidance on how to minimize/mitigate potential problems while maximizing success factors to fast-track the growth, profitability, and value of your firm.
    • A personalized 30-minute strategy session with a Kahuna NaVigator – This is a collaborative opportunity for you and/or your leadership team to review your Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Report For Lawyers, and with our help, to make it immediately actionable. Our NaVigator approach helps you understand the past in relation to where you are today to develop a clear path to your ideal future.

At the conclusion of your Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ For Lawyers, we’ll show you exactly what you can do with your plan including four potential options to optimize your accounting so you can achieve what’s most important to you.

  • While working with Kahuna is one option, the report is YOURS. It’s packed with valuable and actionable insights you can take back to your existing team or share with other advisors.
  • Get Your Discovery Accounting Assessment™ Now


    Invest in a Discovery Accounting Assessment™ Today to Ease Your
    Mind and Put Your Practice On the Path to Greater Success!


    Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ For LawyersHighly Valuable

    $ 1,297

    One-Time Investment
    • Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Review & Report for Lawyers (value $2,750)
    • Bonus: A custom walk through guided video of your Report (value $297)
    • Bonus: Personal 30-Minute NaVigator Strategy Call ($697)

    Today’s Price: $1,297

    Invest In Building a Better Practice Now

    Still Have Questions?

    Not quite ready to order yet?? We get it and we understand. Please feel free to schedule a NO-Obligation 21-minute personal Discovery call at your convenience by clicking the button below. We can quickly tell if there are 80/20 focus areas we can help identify… WITHOUT pressure or hassle. Click below to set up a time to chat.

    In the meantime, please check out the Discovery Accounting Assessment™ FAQs, our Bold Audacious Promise, and our Complete 100% No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee below.

    Schedule a Free 21-Minute Call Now

    What People Are Saying:

    Don’t take my word for it. Lawyers like you have taken their practices to new and profitable levels—and spent more time doing what they love—thanks to our assessment.

    “It has been an absolute joy working with Kahuna! My questions are always answered in plain English. The team is knowledgeable and shared information with me about my situation that I did not know. Kahuna delivered real results! Thank you Kahuna for the excellent service”

    -Audrey K. Chisholm

    “Kahuna surpassed our expectations. Excellent communication understands the RPCs and issues with trust accounts. It is such a heavy burden and when you have people you trust, that is professional and responsive, that weight disappears. I was a bit reluctant to hire them because they are not based in my home state. Those concerns disappeared quickly.”

    -Aaron Pelley
    Cultiva Law, PLLC

    “Hiring Kahuna was one of the best things our firm could do to help us get a better handle of our books. They helped us streamline and automate our bookkeeping processes, everything from payroll, to paying bills, to moving to QuickBooks Online. We now have a good idea of where we’re at and where we’re going. I would highly recommend Kahuna Accounting for any Law Firm or Small Business looking to streamline, update, and automate their bookkeeping.”

    -Adam Diamond
    Diamond & LeSueur, P.C.

    Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ FAQs

    What is a Discovery Accounting Assessment ™?

    A Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ provides an 80/20 pulse-check of your bookkeeping and accounting practices – as a business system.  This will give you peace of mind, as you optimize your accounting for maximum growth, profitability with cash in the bank, and enhancing firm value over time.

    The assessment is comprehensive, including a thorough review of your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow along with everything else integrated with your QuickBooks Online or Xero Subscription & Setup.  This includes your initial set-up, payment processors, payroll, and other workflow integrations.

    Discovery Accounting Assessment™ will show the relevance and recency of your data.  This is a good indicator for data integrity.  You will receive a snapshot of your current and future projected Cash Flow situation.

    All this and more in only 7—days or possibly even sooner.  You’ll receive an easy-to-understand Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Report detailing our observations and findings, along with a comprehensive and custom walk-through video explaining your report and our recommendations.  You will also receive a 30-minute Kahuna NaVigator strategy session to ask questions, assess options to make the assessment actionable, along with priority paths to determine the best order to focus.

    Why did we create the Discovery Accounting Assessment™?

    Great question! We created the  Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ to solve a common and major problem in the accounting space.

    Most Lawyers, Professional Practice Builders, and Business Builders struggle or fail because they lack the strategic clarity necessary to understand what’s going on in their business, simply because they don’t understand their financials.

    Furthermore, a lack of affordable, time-efficient, and Lawyer or Professional Practice Builder focused options available to quickly assess their financial health.  We know that success starts with understanding and “Discovery” is a valuable process to get to what is most important.

    We created the  Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ to provide Lawyers and Professional Builders a way to understand what is most important and how to understand where they are – regardless of the inefficiencies – aka “mess”.  We help you understand where the messes are located, and practical priority options to fix said messes.

    Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ is like an 80/20 easy, but comprehensive physical/health check, before serious self-improvement.  It is as much as you need to get you started on your best path for the journey ahead.

    How does the process work?

    This process is very simple and takes only 7 business days. The first step is to invest in your Discovery Accounting Assessment ™. We’ll email you step-by-step instructions to grant our expert team access to your QuickBooks Online or Xero account.  This will let our team do the heavy lifting to analyze and assess the health of your accounting – which is ultimately tied to the financial health of your practice.

    Once our team has completed the review, they’ll create a customized report detailing their specific findings.  You will also receive a unique and custom video-walkthrough explaining our findings related to your assessment.

    We’ll also provide a link to schedule your complimentary 30-minute strategy session.  During this strategy session, a Kahuna NaVigator will dive deeper into your report specifics.  We will walk through options to prioritize pain points and options for what you can do to fix your mess, either in-house, with another advisor or possibly working with us, if it is a good fit.  Regardless, the assessment and the report are yours.  We will gladly share our feedback and experience, as well as answer whatever questions you or your team may have.

    What if I already have an Accountant/CPA/In-House Person or NOT ready to commit to changing my Accounting over yet?

    No Worries. While EVERY new client we work with utilizes and goes through our Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ process, NOT every firm who invests in this process will work with us.  We are not right for every business or every firm and not every firm/business is right for us.  This is a great LOW FRICTION opportunity to work initially together to assess alignment options for the future.

    We assure you we will be completely candid in this and will gladly share other resources or options to take action if Kahuna is not your ideal choice.  You might decide to build your accounting capabilities in-house and use Kahuna for some aspects or you may go a completely different direction.

    Our focus is to utilize the Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ to give you the insight you can convert into action to IMMEDIATELY improve your professional practice.  While we hope to earn some future opportunities, you are in NO WAY obligated to anything beyond the scope of all you will receive in the process of your Discovery Accounting Assessment ™.

    Our Big Bold (I Might Even Go So Far as to Say Audacious) Promise

    If you take action now by making a small, micro-investment in the foundation of your firm, your potential ROI — compounded over time — will be so significant we won’t even try to quantify it. It would just seem ridiculous.

    But ponder this… Big Doors Move on Small Hinges

    Although it may not be the sexiest aspect of your practice, solid optimized bookkeeping and accounting starts as good defense and can help protect you from disaster.

    BUT– More than a just a good defense, Accounting – as a business system – can help guide and power your offense!

    Optimized accounting provides a vital foundation for your firm and is the foundation for the ultimate future success of your firm.

    Accounting is like the nervous system for your firm — as accounting touches every part of your business and affects everything related to your business.

    Can you think of anything in your firm’s founding or operations that does not somehow flow through your accounting system?

    Accounting affects everything… not only your firm, but also your team, your ability to deliver value to your clients, your current income, and it is the foundation for the creation and maximization of value in your firm for your future wealth.

    You’d NEVER even think about going on a long road trip with your tires underinflated, the engine light on, your side view mirror missing, a broken windshield, or steering misaligned… Right?

    So why would you even consider going on this real-life road trip as you build and guide your firm on an EPIC adventure — the journey of entrepreneurship– without carefully preparing your vehicle (your accounting) for the long haul?

    Take action now to invest in your firm as a vehicle for your vision, mission, goals, and ambition!

    Discover what is and is NOT optimized. Assess what you need to do — the right things in the right order — to get on your best and most optimized path.

    Don’t allow your accounting to be passive – simply historical record-keeping. Put accounting to work as your dynamic guide to your desired future.

    Don’t drift to your accidental future… DRIVE intentionally to your destiny!

    Utilize accounting as YOUR guidance system –Dynamic Guidance Accounting — to achieve your important vision, mission, goals, and ambition.

    Our Risk Reversal Challenge: Kahuna Accounting’s
    Complete 100% NO-RISK Satisfaction Guarantee!

    Fair Warning— if you’re like the hundreds of Small Law Firms we’ve worked with, there’s a good chance you might not immediately be happy with what your Discovery Accounting Assessment™ initially shows.
    Although you might not be initially excited about what your Discovery Accounting Assessment™ uncovers, it’s critical you are satisfied and confident in both the process as well as the comprehensive overall value you receive through the process.

    It is paramount you discover value — starting with what you discover and learn through this process and then specifically in discovering what you can do with what you learn.

    This is where the magic begins — where the compound interest of success cycles and is reinvested back into your firm’s improvement as a virtuous cycle of innovative optimization.

    Complete 100% NO-RISK Satisfaction Guarantee!— If you’re not completely satisfied with the process and the foundation for what you receive in this process, we will provide you a full and complete refund.

    In full candor, your only actual risk is in NOT Taking Action.

    Don’t hesitate.  Embrace the suck of facing the possible demons of suboptimal bookkeeping and accounting head-on.

    With your downside risks minimized and mitigated and your upside value magnified to build the firm of your dreams on your fully optimized accounting foundation…

    …Is there any reason to not get started right now?

    Get Your Discovery Accounting Assessment Now™ Risk Free!

    Not Ready to Take This Essential Step to Make Sure
    Your Accounting is Compliant and Optimized?

    Attorney Trust Accounting Checklist

    If you’re not quite ready to invest in the future of your firm with a Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ and need more information, we have a complimentary – yet powerful and applicable 2-part resource for you.

    We put together the Small Law Firm’s 80/20 Foundational Accounting Checklist AND the POWERFUL companion guide, “The Small Law Firm’s 80/20 Foundational Accounting Checklist to Maximize Growth, Profit & Value” to provide you with some simple and proven steps you, as a law practice builder, can use RIGHT NOW.

    Identify what IS/IS NOT working to quickly get a pulse check and start your path of improvement. 

    Crush your FUDWA – your fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, and anxiety – with your Firm Accounting and also with your IOLA / IOLTA Trust Accounting.

    Download your complimentary checklist and companion guide now to discover IF you have an accounting mess on your hands, where the mess is located, AND more importantly, what you can do – right now – to fix your accounting mess and change the trajectory of your firm!

    Download Your Free Guide & Checklist Here!