Not Just Validating Trust Accounting… This Process Will
Help You Identify Efficiencies and Optimize Profits!

Is your bookkeeper (or worse yet, you) acting in a way that puts you in a situation where you are overpaying taxes, reducing your profits, losing money, or causing you to fail to comply with Bar Association requirements? Do you even know?

At Kahuna Accounting, we understand accounting and attorneys very well. We’ve had the honor of providing accounting and bookkeeping solutions to hundreds of small law firms and lawyers across the United States. Through our experience, we’ve discovered common yet avoidable accounting mistakes that could be reducing your profits, limiting cash in your bank, and wasting your valuable time. We’ve created the QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™ to give you and your law firm easy access to a simple solution that can help you identify potential trouble spots in your accounting before they hurt you.

Our simple and immediately applicable QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™ is designed to provide lawyers like you a quick health check of your QuickBooks Online account in 1 week. This assessment will help you uncover vital information about your practice such as understanding where you are (what the financial health of your practice is), what your options are to optimize your accounting (how to improve efficiency and simplify your processes), and the paths you can take to achieve compliance, maximum profitability, and peace of mind.

This unique, effective, and easy to use accounting assessment is specifically designed to help you answer three vital questions:

  1. Are you 100% sure your Trust Account is being done properly and in compliance?
  2. Do you have a high-level understanding of your revenue, cash flow, profits, expenses, profit margins of your practice? (If you don’t, your current accounting – as a business system – is suboptimal and could be leading you to trouble)
  3. Do you feel like you are overpaying your taxes, “leaving money on the table,” or taking unnecessary risks? (You are probably doing all three.)

If you’re tired of looking backward and wondering where you stand, or, if you want to do big things and be a better leader/owner of your small law firm, we want to help you! (And you may really want our help!) Let Kahuna Accounting do the heavy lifting for you so can have the information you need to focus on what’s most important… practicing law and growing your firm!


Law School Didn’t Teach Trust Accounting Specifics!

Every attorney we speak with understands the legal principles taught in law school but were never taught accounting principles. Yet, those accounting principles are vitally important, as your accounting touches, flows thru, and directly impacts every part of your law firm. If your accounting is suboptimal, then your practice is suboptimal… If your Trust Accounting is suboptimal, then your entire practice is at risk! The repercussions of Trust Accounts out of compliance puts your law license at risk.

Don’t settle for suboptimal (broken, non-compliant, inefficient) accounting/bookkeeping. Optimize your accounting for optimized results (maximized profitability, improved margins, MORE cash in YOUR bank!) With a QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™, the Team at Kahuna Accounting will review the following:

    • A quick health check of your accounting system (this is strictly for QuickBooks Online subscribers), processes, and practices for accuracy and efficiency – a fundamental to becoming more profitable and building your firm.
    • A review of your Chart of Accounts and Trust Accounts – essential to ensuring you’re in compliance and understanding the basics in your business.
    • A 6 month snap shot of your cash flow. No business thrives unless they have it, and many fail because they don’t.
    • A QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™ Report, with a list of possible anomalies, if any, to address (and no one wants anomalies when it comes to accounting!)
    • A walkthrough video of your Report explaining how your financials were assessed with specific guidance to mitigate potential problems while maximizing your success factors to fuel improved growth, profitability, and value..
    • A 30-minute strategy session with you and/or your leadership team and a Kahuna NaVigator to review your QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™ Report. This strategy session is not with an accountant/bookkeeper focused only on your past. Our NaVigator approach helps you understand the past so you can focus today on creating your ideal future.

Your QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™ is immediately actionable. No matter what’s uncovered in your accounting system and practices, you will 4 actionable priority paths to begin mitigating problem areas in your accounting while maximizing what’s efficient.

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*This is only for QuickBooks Online Subscribers.


Download the Free Guide, “Are Your Books a Mess?”


Are your books a mess? Are you leaking money without even knowing it?
We put together the PDF guide, “How to Fix Your Accounting Mess” to provide a few simple and proven steps you, as a law practice builder, can use right now to identify and then crush some of your fear and uncertainty in your accounting (and with your Trust Accounts).
Download the Guide, “How to Fix Your Accounting Mess” now to discover if you have an accounting mess on your hands, where the mess may be located, AND more importantly, what you can do – right now — to fix your accounting mess!
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Invest in Yourself and Your Firm through a QuickBooks
Discovery Assessment™ Today and Put Your Mind at Ease!


QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™Highly Valuable

$ 1,297

One-Time Investment
  • QuickBooks Online Assessment™ + Clear and Actionable Report
  • Balance Sheet – simplified review to verify bank and other balances crucial to a law firm
  • Trust Account – does your system accurately represent what you think it should
  • Income Statement – a snapshot in time, yet crucial to a regular health of a business
  • QuickBooks Online Account – do you have the right account specifically designed for your needs
  • Review of Payroll – paying yourself or your staff has several unique requirements, more than just the amount of the check.
  • Recency of Data – everyone boasts about “sync” capabilities. Is that really happening?
  • Online Payment Technology – just taking a payment from a client isn’t the only risk to Trust compliance
  • Cash Flow Snapshot – Businesses fail without it; most succeed with it
  • A guided walkthrough video of your 16 page Report.
  • Actionable insights for improving inefficiencies (if any)
  • A 30-Minute NaVigator strategy call to walk through your report and answer whatever questions you may have (If accounting were easy, you may not have questions. Unfortunately, we all have questions and simply appreciate a conversation)

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Our World Class Service is Highly Recommended:

“The necessary evil that all attorneys have to face in managing their business is trust accounting. One small mistake with trust accounting can jeopardize an entire firm. Kahuna helped me catch those things, which is invaluable.”
-Brian R.
“Kahuna surpassed our expectations. Excellent communication understands the RPCs and issues with trust accounts. It is such a heavy burden and when you have people you trust, that is professional and responsive, that weight disappears. I was a bit reluctant to hire them because they are not based in my home state. Those concerns disappeared quickly.”
-Aaron P.
“When I came to Kahuna Accounting, we had an antiquated and outdated bookkeeping system and a bookkeeper that, well, to be honest, didn’t really know what she was doing. Hiring Kahuna was one of the best things our firm could do to help us get a better handle of our books. They helped us streamline and automate our bookkeeping processes, everything from payroll, to paying bills, to moving to QuickBooks Online. We now have a good idea of where we’re at and where we’re going. I would highly recommend Kahuna Accounting for any Law Firm or Small Business looking to streamline, update, and automate their bookkeeping.”
-Adam D.

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We’ve spoken with numerous practice consultants. This isn’t the easiest process and many CPA’s don’t always understand the unique challenges to lawfirm accounting. Do you have questions about a QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment™? Schedule a call to speak with a Kahuna NaVigator. We are happy to answer whatever questions you may have.
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