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Is your bookkeeper recording transactions incorrectly, thereby putting you in a situation where you are overpaying taxes? Do you know?

We understand accounting and we want to help you! Why? It’s simple, because we believe in you. We want to help you succeed and uncover the financial growth you’ve been searching for!

Our QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment is designed to provide you a pulse check of the practices reflected in your QuickBooks Online account. This unique assessment helps you answer the following 4 staple questions…

  1. Does your balance sheet reflect your business in a positive light? i.e. So your bank doesn’t laugh at you.
  2. Do you know if you’ve got a problem on your hands OR have no clue what’s going on with your accounting?
  3. Do you have a high level of understanding of your cash flow?
  4. Are you overpaying in taxes and/or leaving money on the table because you don’t know what you don’t know? (You probably are!)

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QuickBooks Online Discovery Assessment
Designed for Business Growth

You’ve got big dreams and ambitions. It’s time to get a financial team and the financial system to match those ambitions. To gain that financial clarity and fuel your businesses growth, Kahuna will review the following: 

  • A quick check of your accounting system, (this is strictly for QuickBooks Online) processes, and practices for accuracy and efficiency.
  • A review of your chart of accounts and trust accounts.
  • A snapshot of your forecasted cash flow.
  • Your own QuickBooks Online Discovery report, with a list of possible anomalies, if any, to address.
  • Guidance on mitigating and/or maximizing problem/successful areas of your business to fuel profitability.
  • PLUS An additional 40-minute call with a Kahuna NaVigator within 45 or so of receiving your report, to answer whatever questions you may have once you started mitigating problems uncovered in your report.

A Proven Approach to Help You Succeed:

You need the best practices in place in maximize your profitability. This is how your QuickBooks Discovery Report works.

We will review your current systems, processes, and practices for accuracy and efficiency.

You receive your Discovery Assessment Report with our findings along with possible anomalies.

Mitigate problem areas and maximize your firm’s profitability with complete clarity.


Not Just For Survival But For Business Growth & Acceleration

QuickBooks Online Discovery AssessmentHighly Valuable

$ 997

Normally $1,497
  • QuickBooks Online Assessment + Report
  • -Balance Sheet, Trust Account, Income Statement, QuickBooks Online Account, Review of Payroll and Recency of Data.
  • Cash Flow Snap Shot
  • Actionable Insights for Improved Efficiencies (if any)
  • 40 Minute NaVigator Call to Walk Through Your Report and Answer Whatever Questions You May Have
  • PLUS: A Complimentary 40 Minute Follow-Up NaVigator Call Within 45 Days of Your 1st NaVigator Call

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If you are tired of looking backward, and wondering where you stand or if you want to do big things and be a better leader and owner of your business, we want to help you!

If you are ready to take control of your results and build the business you had in mind when you started, we’d love to partner with you to make it happen!

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