We Assist enTREPreneurs to MaXimize the Foundation of their Wealth!

DRIVE to MAXIMIZE ValueWe Practice the New Science of Strategic Valuation

    1. NEW Technologies – the right tool for you
    2. NEW Methodologies – most efficient & effective
    3. NEW Entrepreneur-Centric Approach – with you not at you

The journey of Dynamic Business Valuation starts with the process of the Discovery Valuation.

Do you Know Where Your Business is Going?

Actually, a better place to start – do you know where your business truly is right now?

We’ve seen common challenges in our 20+ years serving small businesses; every entrepreneur wants to build wealth.

However, very few businesses actually take advantage of the 80/20 principle and focus intensely on the key drivers for building their value.

Businesses work very hard, but often waste a ton of productivity on things that don’t exponentially move the needle.

We know, because we’ve been there. We’ve built and sold businesses, only to realize that a few minor adjustments prior, could have generated exponential results.

The key to getting what you want is quantifying where you are, where you are going and building a map to get there. That destination starts with your Discovery Valuation.


How We Help You Drive Value

Technology and Strategy to Maximize Value and Build Wealth


  • We leverage a strategic 29-page valuation report to show where you are
  • We identify the Key Drivers most critical to your business
  • We track and map your goals on a Dynamic Dashboard
  • We provide Dynamic Feedback on a strategic basis to help you maximize your efforts

What Happens When You Apply The…


Discovery Process:


See the big picture. Discover where and how to drive Value.


Pinpoint exactly where your business is at to focus on your potential.

Dynamic Process:

Calibrated Focus

From a known starting point, establish a goal with Focus

Dynamic Feedback

Benchmark results to insure every action guides you to your goal.


Together, Discover value and strategically drive Dynamic growth in your business

Do You truly want to be on the front end of a NEW science?

Learn how to use this NEW Science to Drive Profit, Drive Revenue, Drive Cash Flows and Wealth Creation TODAY.

Download our Free Special Report that discusses this new science. Discover why it is so important, and how we use value as a strategic force multiplier to achieve your goals faster and avoid major losses.

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Here’s What’s Included:

quickSURF™ ValueBasic Value Only

$ 247

Per Entity Value Generated
    Simply provide:

  • Basic Company Info
  • Current Financials
  • Prior Year Tax Return
  • Learn:
  • YOUR Current Value
  • YOUR Industry Benchmarks


Get Started!

Discovery ValuationStart Your Journey Here!

$ 3,750

Per Entity, Valued at $4,745*

  • Discovery Exploration Call
  • Entrepreneur Questionnaire
  • Secure Data Collection
  • Kahuna quickSURF™ Value & Analysis
  • Plus:
  • Discovery Value NaVigator™ Pathfinder Strategy

*$995 Setup Fee Waived

Limited-Time, Special Offer!

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Still Believe You Want More?

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A select few enTREPrenuers are created differently. They seek a future where they contribute towards and participate in a much bigger vision.

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About Kahuna NaVigator

Kahuna Value NaVigator

Assists enTREPreneurs in understanding their current valuation as well as planning for future valuation targets. Through an understanding of specific underlying valuation factors, we help the enTREPreneur target the 80/20 valuation factors specific to the individual business to DRIVE maXimum improvement in the shortest time frame.

Although there are many reasons and motivations for being an entrepreneur, wealth creation is a prime motivator for every single eXponential enTREPreneur (xTREP) we know.

Everything we do is designed around our corporate mission of:
“Learning, Living & Sharing the Journey of enTREPreneurship in Life, Business & Legacy!”

Our Value Exchange was borrowed directly from Zig Ziglar:
“We Achieve Our Victories Through the Victories of Those We Serve!”