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Exit is Inevitable. Regret is Optional!

Leverage the Time YOU have NOW.

“Gut” value isn’t documented.

Plan the EXIT which will occur to you.

Overcome the impact of Economic Inflation.

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DRIVE to YOUR desired Exit!

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Your business has been targeted!

You can passively sit by and become a victim or choose your outcome.

The cold numb results of a valuation are never as embarrassing as having no say in your outcome.  Believing you will never exit, is a false premise!  The actual facts behind business value could save you..

  • Time
  • Frustration
  • Options
  • Resources
  • Embarrassment
  • Humiliation

You and your business are a target of multiple predators, and they don’t have the same vision as you.

Discover the Value of Your Life’s Work!

You’ve spent your life building your business. When you exit, it will be your most significant asset. No matter how the transfer of ownership takes place, not knowing your business value today puts you at a disadvantage. Your options are simple: 1) take control or 2) hope for the best.

Plan to Exit Profit Ready™

On Your Timeframe… On Your Terms!

What's in a Discovery Value Assessment?


We use existing documents

Simply provide a few financial reports you already have. We will enter your information and begin the analysis for you.

Preview Your Business Value

After we’ve input your data, we’ll conference with you and share a preview of your business value. We’ll not only review the data with you for accuracy but will also show you some areas where slight changes could have big results.

Review your comprehensive report

We'll provide your report (Powered by BizEquity™) which outlines Four Specific Valuation Categories, including Relevant Benchmarks and Key Metrics. This is a comprehensive report on your business, generated from your data. You’ll now know in a substantive way what your business is worth.


Future Strategy Follow-Up (Optional)

After investing in your Discovery Value Assessment, you’re prepared to use what you’ve discovered. Improve what you’ve identified as detractors from the value and strengthen areas contributing to the value. Scheduling your strategy follow-up is the next step in ensuring you can exit profitably.

Discovery Value Assessment cost?

YOUR own R.O.I. could be 100X or possibly even more. Only you can imagine your potential return.

Discovery Value Assessment

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Per Entity


Valuation Fundamentals

understand the dynamically driven and customized nature behind your report

About Business Valuation

understanding and interpreting is important to the different types and levels of value


proprietary but real world process utilized by professional business appraisers


fair market value conclusion available to owners or shareholders

Financial Summary

simplified overview of the company data

Key Performance Indicator Overview

comparison to industry benchmarks for your business

KPI Details

detail about individual Indicators and why they matter

Value Map

explore the exponential nature of value and your possibilities

Next Steps

elevate your results


Business Classification Analysis

businesses are commonly misclassified for a myriad of reasons, and if not corrected could be very costly
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Learn how to use this NEW Science of Strategic Business Valuation

"We help entrepreneurs DRIVE instead of drift to their desired end goals!"

Frank F. Lunn
Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur Journeyman

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