We’ve invested in technology using industry-specific, geographic and economic data combined with other proprietary data-sets to produce a valuation in far less time, far less business intrusion and expense.
Even as costs and expenses are reduced, our proven process will help you understand, apply and magnify value in your business.
Simply knowing your current business value is an important and worthy outcome.  However, when you can apply that understanding into your ongoing strategic and tactical planning, it is a major force multiplier and strategic unfair advantage.

Our Mission

Know Your Worth

Deeper understanding of your largest asset.

Plan For Your Future

Know the facts for a more accurate retirement or estate plan.  

Uncover Your Potential

Understand the ways you can increase the value of your business.


Our Programs

quickSURF™ ValueBasic Value Only

$ 597

Per Entity Value Generated

Simply provide:

    • Basic Company Info
    • Current Financials
    • Prior Year Tax Return
    • Learn:
    • YOUR Current Value
    • YOUR Industry Benchmarks


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Discovery ValuationStart Your Journey Here!

$ 3,750

Per Entity, Valued at $4,745*


  • Discovery Exploration Call
  • Entrepreneur Questionnaire
  • Secure Data Collection
  • Kahuna quickSURF™ Value & Analysis
  • Plus:
  • Discovery Value NaVigator™ Pathfinder Strategy

*$995 Setup Fee Waived

Limited-Time, Special Offer!

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