Do you Know Where Your Business is Going?

Actually, before we can answer that question a better place to start is – do you know where your business truly is right now?

We’ve seen common challenges in our 20+ years serving small businesses, including the last 5 years, providing financials for entrepreneurs.  Every entrepreneur wants to build wealth.

However, very few businesses actually take advantage of the 80/20 principle and focus intensely on the key drivers for building their value, cash-flow and profit.

Businesses are working very hard, but often wasting a ton of productivity on things that don’t really move the needle.

We know, because we’ve been there. We’ve built and sold businesses only to find out later that we left a tremendous amount of cash on the table.

The key to getting what you want is quantifying where you are, where you are going and building a map to get there. And that destination starts with your valuation.

Introducing Kahuna Dynamic Value NaVigator ™

Technology and Strategy to DRIVE your Growth, Cash and Profit to Maximize Value and Build Wealth

How We Help You Drive Value

  • We use Biz Equity for a business valuation -including a 29-page valuation report to show where you are
  • We identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) most critical to your goals
  • We track and map your KPIs in our Dynamic Guidance System dashboard powered by Grow
  • We review and adjust on a quarterly basis to help you maximize you efforts

What Happens When You Apply This System

You will strategically focus to drive the value and growth in your business

Too many entrepreneurs have big dreams, but are only looking backward at the previous month’s performance.

When you get a system that speaks the language of an entrepreneur and aligns with where you’re going, this is what happens:

You’ll see the business at a high level

Step out of the day-to-day and see the big picture view of the business and make better decisions.

Build profitability and cash flow

The bottom line in business is profitability and cash flow. Discover where the cash is going and how to drive it!

Take control of your growth

You are not a passenger in your own business. You are the driver. Numbers give you clarity to lead.


We help eXponential enTREPreneurs DRIVE Growth, Profit & Cash to MAXIMIZE Value & Build Wealth!

We assist entrepreneur-business owners in providing clarity along with systems, strategy and tools to understand their business valuation relevance and importance.  Our team uses a host of tools and software including BizEquity for resources & metrics for current business valuation and future planning. We also utilize our own unique proprietary business improvement system with metrics, KPIs & and analytics all as part of our Kahuna Dynamic Guidance System (DGS).

In addition, we use a proprietary enTREPreneurial methodology, Delta Framework, for forward looking business analytics for dynamic planning. Our integrated structure utilizes other great individual systems like, Domo, Xero, QBO and several other recognizable tools. Yes, while our tools are cool, it’s NOT about tools or software to make things happen.

Understand Yesterday for Better Decisions Today as Part of a Guided & Dynamic Calibration to Your Ideal Tomorrow

We provide an enTREPreneurial approach for assisting entrepreneurs & their leadership teams in proactive design, planning & building success systems for setting and achieving valuation targets.

What is the real value of “Valuation?” Valuation will not buy you coffee or pay your mortgage. At the same time, valuation is vitally important. It may not be front and center like the vanity of revenue, but valuation impacts every part of your business. Even if you don’t plan to sell your business in the foreseeable future, your valuation is something you need to know.


Here’s What’s Included

KVN Strategic Business ValuationDiscover Discovery Value

$ 1,750

  • Initial 30 Minute Discovery Calibration Call
  • Fact-Finder & Documentation Process
  • BizEquity Standard Valuation
  • KVN quickSURF Valuation Analysis
  • NaVigator 90 minute Strategy Session and Dynamic Pathfinder Process
  • Entrepreneur quickSURF Questionnaire
  • *$3,495 Standard Pricing & $995 Standard Setup Fee
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Dream bigger..

KVN Dynamic Business Valuation

$ 2,000

Per Year, Normally $4,980
  • KVN Business Valuation Plus
  • Dynamic Business Valuation updated Quarterly
  • Standard DBV Dashboard
  • Annual NaVigator 90 minute Strategy Session and Dynamic Pathfinder Process
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KVN Dynamic Business Valuation Level 2

$ 6,000

Per Year, Normally $8,040
  • KVN Strategic Business Valuation Process Included
  • KVN Dynamic Business Valuation Included
  • Quarterly Goal Setting, Benchmarking, and Calibration
  • Leadership Team Questionnaire
  • If This, Then That Strategic Analysis including Leadership Team
  • Upgraded DBV Dashboard
  • Semi-Annual NaVigator 90 minute Strategy Session and Dynamic Pathfinder Process including your leadership team
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** Full Credit Rollover Incentive – 100% of investment can be transferred to upgraded products/services within Kahuna Value NaVigator

Still Want More?

A select few enTREPrenuers are created differently. They seek a future where they contribute towards and participate in a much bigger vision.

If you are curious, you can check out our closed group for 100 eXponential enTREPreneurs to Drive $100 Million in business valuation in the next two years here: XTREP Challenge

About Kahuna NaVigator

Kahuna Business Group, Inc.

Established in 1995 as an enTREPreneurial family of Strategic Business Units (SBUs) – individual, yet connected and coordinated as an enTREPreneurial support & resource ecosystem. Everything we do is designed around our corporate mission of:
“Learning, Living & Sharing the Journey of enTREPreneurship in Life, Business & Legacy!”
Our Value Exchange was borrowed directly from Zig Ziglar:
“We Achieve Our Victories Through the Victories of Those We Serve!”

Kahuna Value NaVigator (KVN)

Assists enTREPreneurs in understanding their current valuation as well as planning for future valuation targets. We assist with targets and time frames through an understanding of specific underlying business factors used to determine business valuation. We help target the 80/20 valuation factors specific to the individual business to DRIVE maXimum improvement with minimum effort & expense in the shortest time frame.
Although there are many reasons and motivations for being an entrepreneur, wealth creation is a prime motivator for every single eXponential enTREPreneur I know.